3 ways to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android

Author:Livia | TIME:November 03,2017

It is important for smart phone users to manage their files no matter which device they are using or going to take replace. For example, if you going to replace your old iPhone to an Android phone, it is hard for you to immigrate all of your important contacts or photos from iPhone or iCloud to the new Android, which however is the thing you must do. Actually, it could not be real if you stay in the very first few years when the iPhone or Android was born to the world, due to they are 2 totally different program. However, with the development of iPhone and Android, as well as the various of third party transfer, it is available for iPhone users to transfer their files to the totally different Android. Here we will talk about how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, including how to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android. 


Method1. How to transfer contacts from iCloud to Androids with VCF File


1.Sync Contacts to iCloud firstly. If not, go to "Setting" then click "iCloud", log in your iCloud account then swipe "Contact" to ON.


2.Export Contacts from iCloud as vCard File. Launch in icloud official website then log in your icloud. Choose "Contacts" and the gear icon at the left corner in order to see the option "Export vCard" and tap it to download contacts from icloud.


3.Import iCloud Contacts to Android SD card. Connect Android phone to Windows with a USB cable. Go to the folder "My Computer" or "Computer" to locate your Android SD card. Copy and paste vCard files containing your contacts from iCloud to Android SD card.



4.Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Android Contacts Book. Open contract book in Android phone and click the "menu". Touch "Import" or "Export" then import from Android USB storage. Contacts in vCard from iCloud will be transferred to your Android contract book, thus you have transferred contacts from iCloud to Android successfully.


Method 2. How to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android by Google account


With Google account you can also able to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android phone, too.


1.Head to iCloud official and sign in your Apple ID and password.


2.Choose "Contact". Tap "Ctrl+A" in your keyboard to choose all the contacts in your iCloud then click Settings on the left bottom of the screen.


3.Choose "Export vCard" and make a record for where the file saves.


4.Go to Google.com/contacts and sign in your Google account.


5.Choose "More" and "Import". Choose the vCard file from iCloud your computer, then it will automatically sync contacts with Android or you can go through Settings->Accounts->Your Google Account to transfer contacts to Android.




When the process finished, it means you have successfully transferred contacts from iCloud to Android.


Method 3.Export contacts from iCloud to GMail with iTunes


This is suitable for the iPhone in iOS 4.x and lower, cause apps are not compatible with that version of iOS and iCloud did not exist. In this case, you are still able to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android with iTunes.


1.Download and launch iTunes on your computer then plug iPhone to the computer.


2.Open the device summary page of hardset and tap the Info tab.


3.Ensure "Sync Contacts With "then choose "Google Contacts".


4.Enter the username and password to of your Google account, then tap Apply.


5.Ensure your Android device is connected to the particular Gmail account. Then you need to enable Google to sync your contacts to your Android phone.


Thus, you can also transfer contacts from iCloud to Android with iTunes.

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