Webcam Buying Guide - 5 Best Web Cameras of 2018

Author:Jake | TIME:December 26,2017

Despite the best laptops and all-in-one computers sporting built-in HD webcams these days, most traditional desktop towers don’t bear the same luxury. As such, it’s here that we’ll determine the answer to a question as old as time itself: what is the best webcam for you?


Although laptops and all-in-one computers have built-in HD webcams, most desktop computers still fail to offer such a feature. If you are a desktop user who have the need of video calling, then you would need an external web camera. That’s why we write this buying guide to help you decide which webcam to choose. In the following part, we’ve assembled some useful tips on choosing the best webcam as well as listed our selections of 5 best web cameras for your reference.



Tips on Choosing the Best Webcam



Resolution has an effect on the video quality. There are now two basic resolution types: standard definition and high definition. Standard definition web cameras features 480-pixel vertically scanning lines while high definition type can offer a 720-pixel or 1080-pixel resolution for broadcasting.


Frame Rate

Frame rate is the rate at which the webcam is capable to capture still images. Still images turn into an animated video once they are captured and broadcast in rapid succession. A frame rate at no less than 30 per second is recommended; otherwise, the footage will become jerky and result in blurred video.



The autofocus of a webcam can track a moving subject within the frame and change its focus as the subject moves away from and closer to the camera. In other words, it helps keep the subject in focus and broadcast it clearly.



The lens quality decides the image quality to a large extent. Therefore, the better the lens is, the better the broadcast image you will get.



A built-in microphone in the webcam can bring more convenience while using it. You may find a microphone in some webcams but not in others. So keep your eyes sharp while checking this feature. Without a microphone, it is hard to record sound.



The recording capability is another important feature of a good web camera. This feature can record videos and images in no time so you can upload the video recordings easily.


 5 Best Webcams to Buy in 2018


Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

1.jpg· Full HD 1080p video calling (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels) with the latest version of Skype for Windows

· 720p HD video calling (up to 1280 x 720 pixels) with supported clients. Full HD video recording (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels)

· H.264 video compression, Built-in dual stereo mics with automatic noise reduction. Automatic low-light correction, Tripod-ready universal clip fits laptops, LCD or monitors

· Compatible with: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later. Works in USB Video Device Class (UVC) mode: Mac OS 10.6 or later (HD 720p on FaceTime for Mac or other supported video-calling clients; Full HD 1080p video recording with QuickTime Player) Chrome OS,Android v 5.0 or above (with supported video-calling clients),USB port,Internet connection




2.jpgLogitech HD Webcam C310

· Works with Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft Live Messenger

· Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows 8

· 5-megapixel snapshots: You can take high-resolution snapshots at up to 5 megapixels

· You will get HD 720p video calling on most major instant messaging applications

· Built-in mic with noise reduction

· Automatic Light Correction




3.jpgLogitech 1080p Pro Stream Webcam

· Webcamera specifically designed and optimized for professional quality video streaming on social gaming and entertainment sites like Twitch and YouTube

· Stream and record vibrant, true-to-life HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second or 720p at 30fps

· Full HD glass lens and premium autofocus deliver razor-sharp, clear video in consistent high definition while two built-in mics capture your voice in rich stereo audio

· Record clear videos even in dim or poorly backlit settings with automatic light correction

· Works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.9 or later, Chrome OS and Android 5.0 or above




4.jpgBesteker 1080P Wide Angle HD Web Camera

· Full 1536p high resolution HD camera provides crystal clear true-to-life video.

· Wide angle 100-degree Carl Zeiss Standard glass lens provides more detail and ensures crisp detail without distortion.

· H.264 video compression technology provides fast and smooth uploads of your videos.

· Built-in dual digital microphones ensure natural stereo sound with crystal clear audio while greatly reducing background noise.

· Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and above as well as Mac OS 10.6 and above. Supports Chrome OS, Smart TV, and TV BOX Android 5.0 or later. Works well with OBS studio, background replacement technology for youtube or twitch streaming.




5.jpgMicrosoft LifeCam HD-3000 for Business

· True 720p HD Video - Post true HD video to online video sites.

· 16:9 Widescreen - For cinematic video recording.

· Clear, High Quality Video

· Noise Cancelling Microphone - Crystal-clear audio and built-in unidirectional microphone with acoustic noise cancellation.

· Universal Attachment Base - Work on your desktop, laptop, or notebook.


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