A Guide to Selecting the Best Bath Scrubber for Bathing in 2018

Author:Jo | TIME:January 26,2018

Bathing is one of the most comfortable and healthy things in daily routine. Except cleansing your skin, baths have other awesome benefit to people. For example, bathing can help you loosen and relax muscles which are tight and tense after busy work. After bathing, your aching body will be soothed and you will have a safe and sound sleep at night.


If you want to take a quality bath, you are supposed to prepare some essential bath accessories in your bathroom, including shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and bath scrubber. It will be ideal if you have the most suitable accessories for yourself. An enjoyable and pleasant bath always relates to every bathing gadget, for instance, bath sponge.


You may take it for granted that buying big brand bath or shower sponge can ensure the quality of bathing. However, that is not true. You should choose a proper bath scrubber according to your own situation like skin type rather than product brand. Besides, your demands of the scrubber's function need to be considered before you purchase a bath item.


Here we would like to share various body scrubbers with you. You can make a comparison of those scrubbers and pick out the most fit and proper bath scrubber after reading. Now please take a few minutes to read those 5 product reviews.


1. cFone Eco-friendly Dual Function Exfoliating Loofah


What does dual function mean? Well, it means that this loofah pouf is not only capable of cleaning body but also massaging scalp. It has a massage comb attached, which can be used to comb hair and stimulate tiny blood vessels closest to your scalp to expand.


What's more? This bath pouf helps you scrub off dead skin cell. By exfoliating, your skin will loimage.pngok more glowing and smooth. This exfoliation is pretty safe since there is no chemical exfoliator involved in the whole process.   



Includes 4 pieces of loofah in different bright color

Porous texture to create rich foams and lather

Thoroughly clean your skin

Great for invigorating scalp

Amazing bath scrubber for improving circulation

Safe for sensitive skin

Strong and firm lanyard for hanging



Will be deformed if you pulls it too hard1509430394594547.png


2. SUYISUER 100% Natural Exfoliating Loofah


This natural loofah is made of luffa cylindrical plant. It doesn't contain any man-made material. When you receive a new loofah from the Amazon, you will find out that this loofah sponge is quite still and abrasive. But you can soften it if you immerse the loofah into hot water.




Environmental-friendly and green

Made of natural and renewable material

Rough enough to take dead skin off



Not suitable for sensitive skin

Scratch skin if it can't get soft enough

Bacterial may grow quicker on this loofah sponge


3. Natural Sea Grass Sponge 5"-5.5"


Another natural bath sponge! The sea sponges features on super absorbency. It is very soft so that you can even use it to bathe your little baby. It is commonly known that baby's skin is soft and damaged easily. If you are looking for a dish scrubber is suitable for baby, you can try this one.image.png



Gentle enough for all skin type

Enable to absorb a great deal of water

Contains some minerals from the sea



The root of this sponge is hard and stiff.

Easy to fall apart

Dry more slowly than others


4. Madholly 4 Packs Exfoliating Loofah Sponge Pads


Here is an alternative to bath pouf. It is made of 100% natural loofah and terry cloth. Unlike pouf, this 3.9*5.9 inch bath pad is flat. Moreover, it has elasticated hand grips to make sure that you’re in complete control of this scrubber. Before the first use, please immerse the bath item into water.



Non-toxic and skin-friendly




Easy to deform

Not perform well for scrubbing


5. Soft Silicone Body Brush Body Wash Bath Shower Glove


This bath scrubber is made of silicone material. It will give you a comfortable massage feeling when you use it to scrub your body. Furthermore, this product also enables to relax muscles and helps you relieve stress.image.png





LFGB standard

Soft bristle to scrub body gently



Can't absorb water

Easy to slip off from wet hand

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A Guide to Selecting the Best Bath Scrubber for Bathing in 2018