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Author:Alice | TIME:December 07,2017

TedGem Digital Voice Recorder


l  2 IN 1 - NEW RELEASE - Super LOW Price for 2 days!! Mini Digital Audio Sound Recorder & USB Flash Drive. Built in USB / Micro-USB interface, which support to use on computer and Android phone. What’s more, you can play the recording on the computer and mobile phone just as a USB flash drive.

l SIMPE TO USE - Powerful 8GB memory and 80mAh battery capacity, which can store up to 96 hours of recordings easily and battery continuation can last 15 hours. One button recording, one button save. It will automatically save files as WAV format. Perfect for recording meetings, conferences, interviews or lectures.

l CHARGING & RECORDING SIMULTANEOUSLY - Mini USB voice recorder only records when audio sound or voice is available, thus removing unnecessary long periods of silence from your recordings. And it can still record while charging, so that you no longer need to worry about the power shortage.

l  EASY TO FIND & MANAGE - Mini portable size design brings you much more convenience. Its easy to carry and hide. What’s more important, it will name the recording file as time, which means you can easily find and manage the file.

l  WIDLY APPLIED - TedGem Activated Audio Sound Recorder no need complicated installation, just plug and play. Its a great recording device for recording interviews, seminars, meetings, lectures, doctor's advice, evidence collecting, business negotiations, discreet & covert recording and so on


DJTECH CDENCODER10 Studio Flash Recorder


The CD Encoder 10 allows you to directly encode CDs, Line Level Devices, or Microphone recordings to MP3 onto a USB thumb drive or SD card. This can be performed entirely without the need for a computer.


Jammin Pro STUDIOPACK702 Studio Flash Recorder


The StudioPack 702 is a bundled package which includes a 7 channel mixer with integrated USB player/recorder, dynamic microphone, and high-performance studio headphones.The bundle features the Studiomix 702, which is a compact studio mixer that provides multiple connection options, USB playback, and recording. A feature unique to products at this price point, the Studiomix 702 includes an integrated USB port to allow for direct playback or recording of MP3s. The StudioPack 702 also comes bundled with Audacity and Audio Cleaning Lab SE for audio editing.Whether it be for podcasts, recording lectures, or rehearsals, the StudioPack 702 is perfect for those who need a compact and feature rich recording and monitoring solution for their home studio.


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