Android Eraser

Erase everything permanently and wipe your phone clean

Available WinMac

100% Permanently Erase Your Android Smartphone & Tablet

Fully Erase Everything on Android to Improve Performance and Protect Your Privacy

Simple, click-through process          Wipe your Android completely and permanently

 Erase photos, contacts, messages, call logs and all private data          Supports all Android devices available in the market


Simple deletion or factory reset does not erase the data on your Android device permanently. The deleted files can be recovered by advanced technology. cFone Android Data Eraser can scan deep through your device to erase deleted files, app caches and clear browsing history. It ensures that everything is wiped completely so your privacy is absolutely secure.


Support Almost All Android Devices

Android Data Eraser supports all available Android devices in the market, including smartphones and tablets. This powerful Android data erasing software helps you wipe your everything completely and permanently, despite of what Android brand or Android version your device is running. Samsung, HUAWEI, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Google Nexus, LG, ZTE and more are supported!



Erase Various Kinds of Personal Data on Your Android

cFone Android Data Eraser can wipe all your personal information and private data, including photos, messages and attachments, contacts, call history, notes, calendars, reminders and app data, etc on your Android permanently.


Remove Deleted Files Permanently

If you want to make sure the deleted files are unrecoverable, then iOS Data Eraser is the great helper. This software scans and displays the deleted files in the interface, allowing you to preview each item. You can then 1-click erase them so they are no longer accessible and recoverable.


Free Up Space for New Content

Your phone stores more and more contents and can get slower and slower. cFone Android Eraser makes sure that the data you don't need any more by erasing them from your device. This can free up more space for new content.



Clear Junk Files & Speed Up Device

cFone Android Eraser’s 1-Click Cleanup helps you clear up all junk files and caches on your Android phone, thus improving the performance of your Android phone. Your Android phone will run at its optimal speed as a brand new device.

Protect Your Personal Information with cFone Android Eraser


Our devices contain banking information, logins, emails and so much more. What many people don't know is that deleted data is recoverable. Deleting removes the pathway to the information but is still recoverable with the right tools. cFone Android Eraser ensures that your information is safe by permanently erasing deleted files, clearing browsing history, caches and protecting your personal information. This ensures your deleted data stays that way and doesn't end up in the hands of data criminals.


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