How to Fix Preparing SD Card Error Stuck on Android

Author:Jake | TIME:October 13,2017

Sometimes when you insert the SD card to your Android phone such as Samsung Galaxy S8, you may get an error notification saying "Preparing SD Card. Checking for errors". Then you may be prompted that your SD card has been removed. So how to solve this problem? Below is a SD card fix solution for you.

Preparing SD Card

Part 1: How to Fix “Preparing SD Card” Issue

Part 2: How to Backup SD Card on Android

Part 1: How to Fix “Preparing SD Card” Issue

Tips 1: Check if your SD card is faulty or corrupted 

To check if your SD card is in good condition, you can remove it from your Android and insert it into your computer to see if your computer can read it. If nothing shows up, then the card may be damaged. And if it can be detected by your computer, may be your SD card is not corrupted. Then you can try inserting another SD card to your device and check if it can work normally. If it turns out to be the same result, it may be your device that should be examined.

Tips 2: Mount SD Card

Before you doing this, make sure you’ve turned off your Android phone. Now remove SD card physically from your phone and then try to re-insert the SD card to your device. Turn on your Android phone and go to "Settings > Storage > Mount SD Card" and try to mount the SD card. Once you successfully mount your Android, please restart it and check if it can solve the "Preparing SD Card" or not. 

mount sd card

Tips 3: Format SD Card

If you are still getting the error message, you can try to format your SD card. You can follow this to format SD card:

1 Insert the card reader with your SD card into computer

2 go to the location of your SD card on computer and right click the mouse.

3 Choose "Format" and click "Start" button.


Once the formatting is completed, you can close the window to check if the issue is fixed.


Note: Before you format SD card, make sure you’ve backed up all data on it because formatting will remove all contents and you will lose them.

format sd card

Part 2: How to Backup SD Card on Android

cFone Android Data Recovery is a powerful toolkit with a set of tools including Data Backup & Restore. So it enables you to make a SD card backup of your Android with ease.


Step 1: Select Android Backup & Restore

After installation, launch cFone Android Data Recovery. And in the app interface, click to select “Android Backup & Restore” to proceed on.

Android data backup


Step 2: Connect Android to Computer

Now connect your Android phone to the computer via USB cable and enable USB debugging. Once connected, click “Backup” to enter the next interface.

Android sd card backup 


Step 3: Select File Types

In this step, you will need to select the data type to backup. You can check all types enabled to backup all data on SD card.

sd card backup


Step 4: Backup SD Card to computer

After you select the data type, click "Backup" to initiate the backup process. It will take a few minutes depending on the number of files on your device. Once the backup process is completed, you can check detailed information by clicking “View the backup”.

backup sd card 


Note: If you lose or delete data on your SD card without backing it up, you can get them back via SD card recovery.

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