Wonderful Bath Sponge for Amazon Buyers in 2018

Author:Jo | TIME:February 01,2018

What are the most essential bath accessories that you would like to have in your bathroom? Soap bar? Body wash? Shower gel? Brushes for different aspects of using during bath?


Well, if you are thinking of having a bubble bath or something to exfoliate your skin, here are some fantastic bath gadgets that you can't miss out. Can you guess what they are? The answer is bath sponge and brush!


I think most people would have at least one type of sponge or brush for exfoliating. Maybe you already have your most favorite one. If so, please share it with us. In addition, if you are still looking for a suitable exfoliating sponge or brush for bathing, you are come to the right place.


In this article, we will provide several bath accessories which are doing great in cleaning, already and exfoliating skin. Those sponges and brushes have diverse functions according to different material, structure and design. You can find out their difference and advantages after reading.




5 Best Body Wash Scrubber to Choose



cFone Bath Sponge - Eco-friendly Dual Function Exfoliating Loofah with Large Mesh and Massage Comb in 4 Colors



◆ PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of eco-friendly materials, the sponge pouf has a fine texture and comfortable friction. No corrosion. No mildew.

◆ HEALTHY SHOWER: It can bring you rich foam to release natural oils and exfoliate, cleanse, soothe your skin. You can scrub your body with the bath sponge and rinse your skin with warm water.

◆ CARE FOR BODY: With bristles, this body scrubber can stimulate your scalp gently and bring you comfortable massage feel. That will improve blood action and reduce stress.

◆ HANGING DESIGN: With long lanyard, the sponge is convenient to hang. You can hang the bath sponge on your hand during a bubble bath or on a hook for air dry after using.

◆ PERFECT CHOICE AND NICE PRESENT: The product includes 4 piece loofah poufs in 4 different bright colors. It is an ideal and pretty gift for your family or friends.





Konjac Body Sponge - Organic Gentle Soft Bath Body Washing Puff


◆ Reduce irritation of exfoliation and kill acne causing bacteria with this bath sponge.

◆ Use the sponge to gently exfoliate your face and bring out your naturally glowing skin.

◆ Konjac is natural, non-toxic and biodegradable.

◆ It can be used with facial cleanser. The sponge is a gentle cleanser for both face and body.




MY Konjac Sponge - All Natural Korean Facial Sponge with Activated Bamboo Charcoa


◆ This bath sponge gently exfoliates your skin. It if safe for sensitive skin.

◆ It has premium quality and larger size, which ensure better cleaning and toning.

◆ Activated bamboo carbon cleanses pores, removes excess oil and fights bacteria.

◆ 100% natural ingredients from genuine Konjac plant root.





Clean Logic Foam Sea Sponge


◆ The Cleanlogic Foam Sea Sponge is made of organic sponge.

◆ It can gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

◆ This foam sea sponge is wonderful for rich lather while cleaning in the bath.

◆ Each product is large size and a rope.

◆ Easy and comfortable to use in the water




Dry Skin Body Brush - Nice Bath Brush to Improves Skin's Health And Beauty


◆ This brush has natural bristles and a handle which is made of smooth polished wood.


◆ The product includes a hook and travel bag for easy and convenient storage and travel. The brush has cotton loop for hanging.

◆ It has shown great results for the skin's health and beauty when dry brushing.

◆ The bath brush can help you get smoother glowing skin and improves blood circulation

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