Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor Buying Guide

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Your blood pressure has a great impact on your health; thus keeping an eye on your blood pressure on a regular basis is quite necessary. And now with the best blood pressure monitor kit, you don’t need to go to the doctor’s, instead, you can do it at home all by yourself.

General Introduction of Blood Pressure Monitors 

Unlike old style blood pressure monitors, modern monitor kits are easy to operate while being able to present you an accurate end result. You just need to wrap the upper arm or wrist with the cuff, press the START button, and you get it the readings. Of course, if you want to get the best blood pressure monitor for you and your family, there are things you might need to know about, which we will talk about later in this blood pressure monitors reviews.


Why You Need A Home Blood Pressure Monitor?

If you know your blood pressure is performing, you can take some actions before it’s too late. Seniors and people with blood pressure related diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes can should check blood pressure from time to time. But it is quite tiring and troublesome to visit the doctor too frequently. But now you can do it yourself with a home blood pressure monitor.


With a set of best home blood pressure monitor, you can get blood pressure readings easily. There are two numbers (measured in mmHg) you can see in readings:

Top number: Also called systolic pressure, is a measure of how hard your heart works during a contraction.

Lower number: This is the diastolic pressure and it is the pressure in your arteries in between heartbeats.


Warm Tips:

Normal blood pressure should be no higher than 120/80 mmHg. So if your readings is higher than that, you should go and visit the doctor. And the best blood pressure monitor kits on the market would record and store the readings on the monitor itself. The data can give your doctor a significant reference.



--- 5 Best Blood Pressure Monitors to Buy ---


Best Blood Pressure Monitor Overall - Omron 10

With a dozen of deluxe features such as high accuracy, easy of use and advanced technology, the Omron 10 blood pressure monitor with Bluetooth tops our list of the best blood pressure monitors. This wireless upper arm blood pressure monitor enables you to get accurate readings with easy operation. Everyone can check blood pressure without difficulty. The memory and Bluetooth compatibility of the Omron 10 lets it store your blood pressure and heart rate data that can be shared with your doctor or health care provider via the Omron Wellness app in your smartphone.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor - Omron 10The cuff of this pressure blood monitor is comfortable and adjustable. It can inflate around the entire arm for correct cuff positioning and precise reading. It fits standard and large arms from 9 to 17 inches. Besides, the Omron 10 enables two users to store and review last 100 readings separately, which means a total 200 readings.


* Easy to operate and read with large display

Memory and Bluetooth compatibility

Poweful app for charting results

Wide range size fitting cuff

Device sharing and data storing features for two separate users


Short life span as other monitors

A little more expensive than other monitors




Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor - Omron 7

Omron’s BP652 7 is ranked by us as the best wrist blood pressure monitor among an array of this style. The small size makes it an ideally portable blood pressure monitor to check your blood pressure anytime and anywhere. Yet, you don’t need to worry about the accuracy of readings.

Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor - Omron 7The Omron 7 automatically inflates once your wrist is at the proper heart level and it gives you accurate blood pressure readings in no time. Its large memory capacity enables it to store up to 100 readings for tracking.


Easy to use and silent

Portable and inflates very quickly

Provides a heart-level indicator along with batteries

Wristband inflates automatically

Offers memory feature to store readings

Reasonable price


Less accurate than monitors that take readings from the upper arm

No Bluetooth or wireless capability




Best Automatic Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor- LotFancy 

The LotFancy blood pressure monitor cares user experience a lot. It offers you a four-inch LCD screen that is large enough for reading with ease. Actually, what really makes this blood pressure monitor distinctive from its rivals is its fantastic TALKING FUNCTION that reads out diastolic blood pressure, systolic blood pressure and pulse rate in English or Spanish, with 4 levels of volume adjustment. This is perfect for those who have difficulty in reading digital displays, for example the senior.

Best Automatic Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor- LotFancy It has a color bar to warn if your blood pressure is in the normal range and an indicator to alert abnormal heartbeats. The wide range from 9 to 17 inches of the cuff can fit almost all arms. It can store up to 90 readings for 2 separate users with date and time stamp and offers an option to give an average of last 3 readings.


FDA approved

Large 4-inch LCD display screen and optional voice reading mode

2 user capability for up to 90 readings each

Abnormal alerts for blood pressure and heartbeat

9 to 17-inch cuff


Metal clip to the right of the cuff makes it a little difficult to use
Cuff squeezes too tightly during inflation




Most User Friendly Digital Blood Pressure Monitor - Panasonic EW3109W

Coming with a comfortable cuff to fit the arms, the Panasonic EW3109W is one of the most accurate and best blood pressure monitors on the market. It features an LCD display that always gives you legible readings and its memory enables you to store 90 readings.

Most User Friendly Digital Blood Pressure Monitor - PanasonicIt also has a flashing warning system to alert users when the blood pressure reading goes high. The one-touch operation makes it pretty easy and fast to get readings. Another favorable feature of this device is that the cuff rolls around the monitor and fits neatly into an included storage pouch for convenient portability.


One touch operation for easy and fast readings

Comes with a carrying pouch 

Large display for easy reading without difficulty

Flashing warning system


The cuff may be a little small for large arms

Does not come with an A/C adapter




Best Feature Rich Blood Pressure Monitor - Ozeri CardioTech BP3T

The Ozeri CardioTech BP3T is famous for its high quality, accuracy and rich features. On one hand, the Ozeri applies a double pulse detction algorithm to enhance pulse wave detection, which improves accuracy. On the other hand, the blood pressure monitor features a blue LCD display with LED backlight, touch sensitive buttons and a slider switch for 2 users (60 readings with date and time for each, a total 120 readings). 

Best Feature Rich Blood Pressure Monitor - Ozeri

While being able to give accurate readings, this best blood pressure monitor does not require too much complicate operation. Instead, it comes with an advanced one-step operation with automatic inflation and dynamic measurement. In addition, it has an automatic irregular heartbeat detection and hypertension indicator.


Accurate readings

Easy to operate

Rich features

Automatic irregular heartbeat detection


Occasional inaccurate readings





The above blood pressure monitors reviews are based on our testing and overall customer ratings, which we think might be useful for you to choose the best blood pressure monitor. No matter which device you choose, we wish you have a good health. It is true that prevention is better than cure, so it’s great to have a good living habit - eat well, sleep well and get enough exercise.

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