Best bread slicer for enjoyable bakery

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Part 1. 5 best bread slicer list for perfect loaves

Part 2. Bread slicer buying considerations

You may want to do some homemade bakery sometimes, or to hug a big bread from a bakery when you walk by. However, confusion will come if you don`t have a bread slicer cause you don`t know how to slice evenly or perfectly. On the other hand, having a slicer for bread will bring you more enjoyable fun and less stressful during cutting a freshly baked. So what should a good bread slicer be? Besides guiding an even cut, functions like sturdy, precise, available for various of width and pure material made of are also important. How to choose the best one? That`s why you need our bread slicer buying guide.   

5 best bread slicer list for perfect loaves

Bread slicerWest Bend Bread SlicerBread DepotSierraBASE LLC


Dimensions      (inches)

10.9 x 7.2 x 6.2

14 x 7.8 x 7  12 x 8 x 2          11.5 x 8.5 x 3 10.9 x 8 x 6.6 
Weight2.3 pounds5.5 pounds1.85 pounds4.65 pounds3.26 pounds

#1. West Bend-Bread Slicing Guides-6600X

West Bend-Bread Slicing Guides.png


Most of our bread slicers are made of wood, but this bread slicing guide of west bend is our best choices made of high quality durable plastic. A bread with 1 to 2 Lb can be perfect uniform cut into the size whatever you like, which is also the most attractive features among bread lovers. This bread slicer is adjustable that can save the kitchen space. Moreover, you can clean it easily after cutting. However, it may not suitable for sandwiches because of the width; Advice also includes it make the loafs of bread too thin. We concluded that this bread slice guide comes with a wider gaps for thicker loafs, which has a popular 4.5 high rates on Amazon.



Easy to use

Easy to clean

Uniform cutting

Alternative thin or thick loafs


Imperfect cutting for sandwiches

#2. Bread Slicer Depot Maple Classic

Bread Slicer Depot Maple Classic.png


The classic and simple right angle design of this bread slicer is impressive, 2 diving guide lines in both of the cutting surfaces enables you to have evenly cut loaves easily with various of sizes. Many bread lovers will not satisfied about the movement when using a bread slicer, this due to the weight and materials of it. The Bread Slicer Depot Maple Classic is made of hard maple, with stable screws that made of steel as well as feet that made of rubber, you don`t need to worry about cutting fingers or slipping away anymore. In the points of unhappy, reviewers said it is hard to get a suitable types of knife, marks will remain and not the best for small kitchen. We love this hard maple bread slicer for its special looking and safe, which with a 4.2 rated populations on Amazon.  


Hard maple materials

Stable support in the bottom

Generic bread slicer


Narrow gaps


#3. SierraBASE LLC Bread Slicer

SierraBASE LLC Bread Slicer.png


If you want to get one made in American , this bread slicing guide is your first choice. What worth to be mentioned is that the self-lock system installed can make the slicer to be folded or opened automatically, whose easy usage will save your time and give more fun in bakery. Because it is made of the kind of hardwood such as maple and birch and has the perfect safe cutting area for food, which comes with high safety factor and you will be amazed by the stability. At the same time, the natural made will protect the taste of food very well. Happy reviewers are satisfied about the automatic design, easy to use, clean and store. High efficiency of bread cutting , adjustment for all sizes of bread and perfect uniform cutting are also the attractive points. Most of unhappy reviewers wished the ability of crumb catch, more functional settings like grooves or channels and stable plastic edges. From the users, having a 10”-12” bread knife is necessary for perfect cutting.


Made in American

Automatically lock-fold system

High cost-effective

Harwood made, easy to use

Place saving


Hardly crumb catch

Less functional buttons

Unstable plastic edges

Additional bread knife

#4. BlackHillsbyDesiegn

BlackHillsbyDesiegn bread slicer.png


As the best bread slicer, beside the convenient cutting, but also can protect knives well. This pick better bread slicer is made of ponderosa pine, whose perfect base is acceptable for many kind of knives and won`t dull the knives. That`s why many reviewers see marks are there but knives are sharp! Bad bread slicing guide won`t secure the bread either cause they are lack of height and cutting width choices, but this bread slicer offers you 6" high side panels and alternative 3 options for bread width so you can cut into 3.6", 4.8" or 6.2". Moreover, its 5 pounds weight is portable for outside gathering, which will make you a happy time! Reviewers are happy for the real pine materials, movable width sides so they can have more choices for thin or thick, nice looking and durable usage. Some of them wish a cutting board and more ability to have right cutting size. What`s more, unhappy reviewers focus on the high price, additional longer knife and the movement, some will even discolor.


Optional cutting widths

Knives protection

Foldable and durable


High price

Will move during cutting procedure

#5. Presto-Bread Slicing Guide

Presto-Bread Slicing Guide.png


This special bread slicer is made of a durable plastic with coded slats, enables you whatever the thickness you like. For those large bread lovers or regular homemade bread, the Presto bread slicer is a wonderful affordable choice. If you wonder a plastic made bread slicing guide will move away during cutting, thanks to the slight angle and “tilt” design that will reduce the movement. Moreover, due to the particular design, the loaves can be hold very well and evenly cut. Easy for the knives caring, they won`t get dull. However, unhappy reviewers are not satisfied the warped and heavy. Most of users feel not easy for large bread holding, sharp knives won`t make sense.


Optional thickness

Suitable for various of bread

Coded slicing slat

"Tilt” design


High price

Not adjustable

Part 2. Bread slicer buying considerations

So how could we buy the best bread slicer? Based on the reviewers and popular choices in shopping platforms like Amazon, we have collected several features that could be your considerations. No one wants to get a troublesome as helper in bakery, so get the one with easy usage is important. Slots are another necessary point which matters the thickness of bread: Usually wider slots bring thicker while narrow makes thinner so an adjustable slicer could be the best choice. For the materials, many bread slicing guides could be made of bamboos, plastic, hardwood etc. We found that bamboos are environmentally; Plastics are price friendly; Wood is stable and durable. To avoid being hurt or safe use, the stability of your bread slicer also need your attention. Get one with stable supporting at the bottom like screws or made of heavier material will increase the safety. Luckily, in our 5 best bread slicer guide, you will get the one that meets your requirements. Do you want to get more fun in bakery? Come and get a bread slicer!

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