How to buy the best drain unclogger

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Part 1. Liquid drain cleaner, what`s that?

Part 2. Best drain unclogger, how many types?

Part 3. The best drain unclogger, how to buy?

In the article of best drain cleaner,we have talked about the solutions like DIY drain unclogger as well as amazon drain cleaner choices for a plugged drain that easily happens in your kitchen, bathroom and toilet.Besides choosing the correct drain unclogger, you may also need to know something more about how to buy the best drain unclogger, including what is the liquid drain cleaner, types of drain uncloggers as well as the considerations before buying.

Part 1. Liquid drain cleaner, what`s that?

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The liquid drain cleaner is your excellent tool for clog-free cause they can quickly break down and clear grease,hair clogs,solid plugging and waste build-up from the sewage lines and pipes in your house.House owner will be amazed by their cost-effective cleaning job. Most of chemical drain cleaners come with the form of powder, gel or liquid,the 10 choices in best drain cleaner will not only free up the blocking drain, but also protect and make the service life of your sewage system longer.

Part 2. Best drain unclogger, how many types?

There 4 common types of drain unclogger that we will use in our daily life, including chemical drain cleaners, handheld drain cleaners, air burst drain cleaners and sewer jetters.

Chemical drain unclogger

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The chemical drain cleaners are what we commonly use for clogging, which includes alkaline and acidic drain cleaners. Acid drain cleaners usually contains a high concentrantion of sulfuric or boric acid, which can be used by the licensed plumbers for which will do harm to our health heavily. The alkaline drain cleaners are ajustable among solid and liquid, which are mainly mixed up with lye,potassium hydroxide sodium hypochlorite at concentrations as high as 50 percent. The Pure lye is one of our best chemical choice overall for clog-free,which can be clean the clogs everywhere and suitable for all over the the pipes in your home.

Handheld drain unclogger

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Handheld drain cleaners are another common ways to free the clogging by particular physical devices or equipments by mechanical force while operator rotates a drum which anchors the cable, which are mainly divided as hendheld drain augers and rods.If your drain opening is within 8 metres, the drain augers are your correct choice but not for the toilet. Drain rods can be used for clearing blockages in long, straight pipes.Most of handheld drain cleaners areworkable for pipes with 40–50 mm. If your sewer pipes with 110 mm are clogged, the chemical types will be more suitable for you.

Air burst drain unclogger

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Air burst drain unclogger can unclog the drain with a strong force of gas, air or carbon dioxide created by them, where they can touch is farther than handheld drain unclogger and can be used for toilet, bathtub, sink and shower drains. However, they have cleaning range limitation in pipes which don`t contain standing water and work bad for unclogging blocked main sewer drains.

Sewer Jetters

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All the cloggings in your drains can be removed by the sewer jetters with their high pressure of water ranging from 2500-4000 pounds per square inch. This type of drain cleaners comprised of more than 3 parts such as electric-start engines, pressure valves and hose reels, which are more suitable for industrial and residential drain.However, you will find that sewer jetters are inability to extract tree roots, other hard obstructions,high relative cost and weight.

Part 3. The best drain unclogger, how to buy?

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You may figure out the 4 types of drain uncloggers and their suitablity. The chemical can be our best drain cleaners in our daily life, for their wide range of applications, easy ways to use and affordable price. So what are the considerations before touching your wallent? Here are 5 considerations you need to know.

1.Types of clogs. Most of clogs come from our daily life,some of them are made of clumps of organic materials. The choices in best drain cleaner collection are selected for clearing almost clog types from daily life. What`s more, if you think the situation is not so bad, try the hot water or the DIY drain cleaner is also an alternative good choice.

2.Areas that with drain clogging, and shouldn`t be used on a completely clogged drain.The caustic drain unclogger can`t be your choice for metal or granite sink. Acidic is a good remedy for places that can easily get clogged by hair such as bathroom sinks or showers,the Whrink that is well known as the best drain cleaner for hair. When the flows become slowly in your toilet, the chemical drain unclogger is your best choice like the Rid-X that mentined in our collection.

3.The material of your drains,for those made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper piping are not suitalbe for strong caustic chemical drain uncloggers. What list in our best drain uncloggers are suitable for most of materials, including the PVC, plastic, chrome trim, sewer pipes and septic system.

4.Don`t touch them with your skin as possible as you can, getting a pair of heavy duty gloves, eye protection, and preferably an apron before using, some need to work with opening window.Also read up a chemical document of MSDS if you need.

5.Twist the cap or lid tightly when you don`t need to use. Keep them far away from children or pets.

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