How to Backup iPhone Photos Taken by Best Camera Drones?

The technology of drone control via smartphone makes it a lot easier to capture whatever you want. The best drone with camera enables independent filmmakers as well as hobbyists to take photos and record videos by using smartphones. Taking into consideration that high-end drones with camera and GPS may have an effect on your budget, I think you must want to have something that values for the money.


Below are 3 best camera drones that cost no more than $300 but they are of high quality and can offer you wonderful flying experience.


DJI Phantom Inspire 1

If you are looking for the best drone with camera, then the DJI Phantom Inspire 1 should be on your top list. Featuring 4K video capabilities up to 30FPS, 1080p video up to 60FPS, and 12 megapixel photos from the gimbal-mounted camera, the Inspire 1 is fully capable of shooting the professional aerial footage you've dreamed about. It is smart and it is built with revolutionary technology including intelligent battery power management that always shows how much battery power remains. The 18-minute max flight time should be able to complete a safe return to where it begins.



DJI Mavic Pro

The Mavic Pro is another high-end camera drone released by DJI. Its portable body is easy for beginners to carry everywhere. The Mavic Pro offers up to 4.3 miles of transmission range and flight speeds of up to 40mph with average flight times of around 27 minutes. Many smart features including Activetrack have been integrated into the drone. Besides, the TapFly allows you to control your drone with simple taps on the touch screen of your smartphone.



3DR Solo Smart Drone

3DR Solo Smart Drone is the best camera drone for shooting aerial GoPro footage. So if have a GoPro camera, this drone should be your best choice. The powerful controller of this flying machine can upgrade the experience of flying and shooting videos. The 3DR Solo also offers some safety features such as a maximum altitude of 400 feet to keep it FAA compliant and a "pause" button that instantly sets the drone to hover in one place if you feel like you're losing control.



How to Backup Photos and Videos from iPhone to Computer?

If you have taken a lot of splendid photos using the camera drone and store them on your iPhone, it is better to back them up to your computer, iTunes or iCloud. But considering the limitations of iTunes and iCloud, backing up your iPhone to computer may be a better choice. And iPhone Data Transfer is the ideal tool for backing up iOS device. This data transfer app allows you to transfer various types of data from iPhone to Windows or Mac computer with ease. Now you can download and install the app on your computer.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to Computer

Launch iPhone Data Transfer on your computer and then connect your iPhone to the computer. By default, the program will detect your iPhone automatically.

backup iPhone photos to computer 

Once iPhone Data Transfer recognize your iPhone, you will see below interface. Now you can click “Content to Computer” (Content to Mac).

backup iPhone photos to computer 



Step 2: Select Data Type

In this step, you will see interface as below shows. Now you can select file types that you want to backup, and you will need to select an export path on the computer. Now you can select “Camera Roll”, “Album” and “Movies”.

backup iPhone photos to computer 


Step 3: Transfer Data

After you select the data types you want to transfer to computer, click on the Arrow button in the left side to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to the computer.

backup iPhone photos to computer 


It takes a while to transfer the data and when it is completed, you will see “Transfer Completed” in the interface. You can view the files on your computer then.

backup iPhone photos to computer 

Author:Jake  |  TIME:July 06,2017

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