Best Humidifier to Provide a More Comfortable Living Condition

Author:Chan | TIME:September 13,2018

Part 1. Best humidifier for home & office

Indoor air is closely related with people’s health. It could be too humid or too dry, too cold or too hot. In winter, when people try to get warm by turning on the air-conditioner or tightly closing the doors and windows, the air could be too dry at home. This could result in a series of problems, such as nosebleed, chapped lips and so forth. Luckily, there is such a magic thing as a humidifier. Humidifier benefits could be listed as follows. It could add extra moisture to make you feel more comfortable in the dry environment. In addition to purifying the indoor air, adding moisture to your house could reduce or eliminate static so that your e-products like computer, television, hi-fi won’t easily get damaged. Here are the best humidifier for home and office.

Levoit Humidifier

Best humidifier for home & office——Levoit Humidifier

  • Type: Ultra working model

It is the best humidifier recommended by Amazon. It sprays warm and cool mist at three levels, raise the humidity by 25% compared with those producing only cool mist. Under the ultra mode, this best humidifier, with 36db at most, does not bother your daily life such as working, talking or sleeping while working, lower than 36db.  

  • Smart display and control

There is a digital screen showing the real-time humidity so that you could adjust the readings to adapt to the surroundings. You could turn it on or off, change the number through both a sensitive touchpad or remote control. This humidifier produces mist automatically to adjust the humidity to a proper level.

  • Size and capacity

It supports as much as 6L content and lasts for 20-36 hours at the highest speed of 500ml / hr. It is able to take care of a large room, even the whole house.

  • Material

The water tank applies the most advanced ABS plastic which is more durable and shatter-proof. The special anti-leakage design makes it stand out from numerous products, becoming the best humidifier.

  • Performance

There is an aroma box for you to add some essential oil or perfume, which will relieve fatigue and pressure. You could also add nothing. Increasing the humidity to proper level will help improve air quality, thus preventing diseases and relieve sickness.

  • Guarantee

Levoit Humidifier has gained CE and ETL approval so that you could purchase it with confidence. Levoit provides a 2-year warranty and lifetime support.

AirCare MA1201 Evaporative Humidifier

Best humidifier for home & office——AirCare MA1201 Evaporative Humidifier

  • Type

This AirCare MA1201 is another best humidifier for the whole house. It is an evaporative humidifier which is able to raise the indoor relative humidity to 43% or more in a short time.

  • Size and capacity

It is 20.5 inches high,  21.5 inches wide and 14.5 inches long, especially designed for a large room with an area of up to 3,600 sq. ft. The water is able to contain water of 3.6 gallons.

  • Performance

The digital humidifier keeps the most comfortable humidity and you could read the number through its digital display. It could keep working for 36 hours if there is enough water in it. When the humidity of your house has reached the balanced level or the tank runs out of water, it will shut off automatically so as to protect the machine. However, you are not suggested to keep in on all the time as the manufacturer warns that it would release potentially harmful chemicals. Cleaning is not a difficult job when the evaporative wick accumulates mineral deposits. With belts, pulleys or wheels, the humidifier could run smoothly

Part 2. Best Humidifier for Dry Skin

NanoSteamer Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

Best Humidifier for Dry Skin——NanoSteamer Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

Dry skin will make you feel uncomfortable or even cause skin problems. Especially for ladies, moisturizing skin is an important part of skincare. A humidifier for home could be too bulky for skin care. Therefore, we recommend this best humidifier for dry skin.

  • Type

This best humidifier is a nano-ionic steamer. It combines traditional heating elements and the new ultrasonic vaporizer to produce nano steam. Through directly contacting with your skin, the steam improves blood circulation by ten times. As the skin cells energize, your skin will be strengthened in the absorption of skincare products, making you look healthier and younger.  

  • Size and capacity

This humidifier takes up little space, compact enough to even fit your desk. It is equipped with a 200ml water tank to run for up to 30 minutes.

  • Performance

This best humidifier combines facial steamer, towel warming and humidifier in one device. The item comes with extra 5 skincare tools. They will help you to moisture your skin or remove the blackheads or speckles along this humidifier. 


Although a humidifier is not so indispensable as other appliances, we could not ignore the humidifier benefits that we have stated before. We write humidifier reviews so as to spare you time and effort in choosing the best humidifier. When you have gained a humidifier, you should properly use it.  

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