Best iPhone photo manager apps in 2017

Author:Livia | TIME:November 14,2017

Apple gives iPhone users an advanced camera to remember their precious moment by the form of taking photos with a easy click and save them their smart iPhone devices. iPhone users can take photos anywhere at any time they want. Nowadays, it is not hard to imagine that there are hundreds of photos saved in iPhone of anyone on the street, to be honest, I am one of them with 300 hundred of photos in my smart phone. Sometimes I feel hard to manage these photos, if you ask why not delete or remove them, I say these are my precious time and important files. Not mention to those with thousands of photos in iPhone, they need the effective way more to manage their photos than me. Based on the reviews of many real iPhone users, here I will list you the best iPhone photo manager in 2017 for you. 


Best iPhone photo manager-Tidy


Tidy is workable for iOS and Android smart devices, which combines nimble auto-sorting filters as well as gesture controls for uers to quickly sort photos into convenient albums. The photo manager Tidy allowls users to seperate photos into several particular groups by time, location or file path. Besides, as a workable photo manger, it can sort the majority of photos into correct location- or event-based albums. With Tidy photo manager, the unsorted photos will be sent to an "Untidy" bin, users can choose individual photos and swipe left to archive them, or swipe right to send them to an specific album, which is able to make photo organization with ease.


Best iPhone photo manager-Google Photos


Google photos is a free photo manager which is workable for Android as well as iOS. As the new stock photo manager for iOS and Android, Google Photos can offer its ton of great convinient features for iPhone users. For iPhone users, this photo manager is able to expend unlimited cloud storage space and cross-device syncing for photos with minimal compression, as well as the option to store original quality photos in Drive space.

The powerful photo manager can be uses to automatically back up and sync photos saved in iPhone so that their snaps are always safe, and the photo manager displays it all by date. A smart Assistant feature of Google Photos manager can help iPhone users to set up albums, collages, grouped photo stories and animated photos.

The powerful "visual search" feature of this photo manager that works even on untagged, unlabeled photos.


Best iPhone photo manager-Prime Photos from Amazon

Prim Photos is a photo manager offered by Amazon, which is available for both of iOS and Android system. For iPhone users, their photos on iPhone are not to be outdone in the cloud photos field, they are also provided the Prime subscribers with a great cloud photo manager in the Prime Photos app by Amazon. This photo manager offers iPhone users a Prime subscribers with unlimited cloud storage of their original resolution photos, as well as 5GB for video and document storage. This photo manager can automatically sync so the photos can be accessed from any device with a connection including iPhone. What`s more, users are available to get a wealth of organizational features as well as AI-assisted search. The recently updated Prime Photos offers family sharing features, which allows users to share unlimited photo storage with up to 5 family members, as well as a new shared Family Vault. For more details you can refer to Prime Photos from Amazon



Best iPhone photo manager-Facebook Moments


Compared with other photo managers, Facebook Moments photo manager gives less attention on storage and management than sharing photos of precious memories and events with friends and family, as well as receiving photos of said moments from other people. This photo manager groups photos together based on when they were taken, users can be told that which of their friends are in with the facial recognition tech of this photo manager. Users can use Facebook Moment to sync and share these grouped photos to their friends and family, and they can choose to sync their photos to add to that moment, quickly creating a shared album. This photo manager offers the search features to find yourself and friends, full resolution photos and free unlimited storage to its users. iOS and Android are free supportable for this photo manager.



Best iPhone photo manager-cFone iOS Data Eraser


Besides the awesome photo managers we talk above, iPhone users can`t ignore a truth that they need to protect their privacy. Once they need to sell out their current handy iPhone, the sensitive photos can`t be remained. Besides, you need to find a reliable photo manager that can give you the powerful erasing feature to delete all the sensitive photos from iPhone permanently. So that`s why you need the powerful cFone iOS Data Eraser.

How to use iOS Data Eraser photo manager?


1.Take a PC and install cFone iOS Data Eraser.Use a cable to connect your iPhone to this PC.



2.Open "Erase Private Data" and choose the erase mode, your iPhone will be scanned later.



3.Preview all the photos shown in front of you, you can start to erase your iOS photos by typing "delete" and then click "Erase now"


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