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To become fitter and healthier, it always needs people to workout and eat less high-calorie food. In big cities, people usually prefer to gyms for it is near and provides all aspect exercise. However, many people still love to close to nature and choose sports outdoor. You will never reject sweat and heat if you have a passion for running in a park, playing tennis in a sunny day, doing exercise in a gym or even surfing on board.

However, have you notice that it is not proper to sport with a common watch? In this case, it’s clearly that sport watches or outdoor watches are necessary for you. If outdoor watch, an easy to carry gadget to fit all your outdoor needs, can actually assist you throughout your journey is what you are looking for. You are just in the market for the best outdoor watches among running watches, swimming watches, or fitness tracker watches. 

Best outdoor watches are designed to a function and you can choose the best for you. Fitness tracker watch is designed to track your daily activity and your workouts to provide data of your heartbeats, quality of sleep, calorie count and so on. Here we have listed 5 of the best hiking watches for your ease. Stylish, latest and the best for your journey, these are the top 5 outdoor watches, made to fit your varying needs:

Best GPS Watch for Hiking

Best Diver Watch

Best GPS Watch for Running

Top Rated Fitness Tracker Watches



Best GPS Watch for Hiking

Casio Men's PRW-3000-1ACR Protrek Black Sport Watch

best outdoor watches.png


1. Gorgeous Design. Outdoor watches now tend to get bigger and flashier and it is painful for people who have small wrists and hands. Luckily, this Casio watch is not huge and gaudy with super lightweight and streamlined.

2. Accurate altimeter. You can check the altimeter by the help of elevator near your home before go hiking or camping. In common cases, it tends to float up during barometric pressure changing roughly. Another thing you need to pay attention is the pressure moving to the right side or not.

3. Accurate Weather Prediction / Nice Barometer. It is the best GPS watch for hiking that can save you from getting very wet when camping or climbing, which fits your need for weather prediction. However, it can be misled when it goes through elevators because it predicts the weather by knowing trends of pressure changing up or down (or not at all).

4. Excellent Durable Watch.  As a best outdoor watch,it still works fine even if got plenty of sweat, mud, dirt, sap, snow, and outdoors mess on it. However, some scratches can be seen on the case but not on the face.

5. Buttons are large and easy to press. The case protrudes around those buttons to avoid unintentional button-mashed activating features randomly in daily use.

6. The night illumination is positive, vivid, a tantalizing cobalt/violet and can be set for 1 or 3 second display.


1. Learning curve of ABC. If it is your first ABC, it takes some time to get used to. You probably need to read more of the manual. But if you have used ABC before, you will find these functions and setup are duplicate to the previous model.

2. Occasional reset caused by static. Sometimes it needs to fix all its settings (backlight, beeps, alti/baro, time zone, metric/imperial, etc), especially after put on sweater or something fleece in a hurry.


Best Diver Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Men's BN0151-09L Promaster Diver Watch

Best swimming watch.png


1 Well Designed. This is a robust watch sized at 42mm which is suitable for most of people even minorities with small wrist and hands. It fits in well with a polyurethane band, the watch may not look so classy but it goes well with many of your daily clothes. If you want it looks much dressier you can replace the band. Textile, leather and metal bands are ready for your choices.

2 Fine Details. Clearly, just blue and white is not enough for the watch to get rid of dull appearance. For this reason, an orange accent was added to the minute hand by Citizen, while the hour hand stays stack white. The chrome borders around the markers also add some interesting flares to the dial.

3 Fits all your need for water sports. When it comes to functionality, this piece is as reliable & accurate as other Eco-Drive dive watches. For people who loves water sports, this is the best waterproof watch or best diver watch for them. You can go surfing, sailing, swimming or snorkeling without any worry because its water resistant depth is just 200m (660 feet). No matter how deep do you often dive, it still works well.


The mineral anti-reflective glass. Usually the hands & markers works excellent with the dark background and provide a clear legibility. Therefore, some reflection surely doesn’t make the watch difficult to read. Actually, it doesn’t need this anti reflective glass at all.


If your budget is just over $200, the Citizen BN0151_09L Promaster is worth your purchase, because it’s the best diving watch in the same price range. What’s more, its eye-catching design: Navy-blue timepiece, delicate dial and fantastic color matching, this design makes it able to be easily dressed up or down for different occasions. For people who loves water sports, Citizen Eco-Drive absolutely is the best diver watch for them.


Best GPS Watch for Running

TomTom Runner GPS Watch

Best GPS Running Watch


1 QuickGPSFix technology. On a sunny day, GPS connecting speed is fast and it takes 5-10 seconds to connect while it spends more time on a cloudy day about 20-30 seconds. No doubt that it is the fastest GPS watches among counterparts.

2 Price. One of the cheapest quality GPS watch for running.

3 Large display and multi-function. With the large display, you can easily read data like distance, pace, average pace, stride length, heart rate strap, calories burned and lap times on the TomTom Runner. In addition, alarm option and vibration alerts are features for runners as you can be notified on your progress or waked up for exercise.

4 Graphical Training Partner. Whether you race against your last run or setting an exact goal, the graphical training partner is in position to push you working hard. The training partner shows you the current run and previous run on the screen for competing against yourself. To push you work hard, TomTom Runner can display progress in a percentage after you set how far you want.


1 Loose band. Many users report that the button does not fit well into the hole on the band and it makes users worry the watch may fall out when running.

2 The band is hard to bend.  It feels like might break each time when taking on/off. Moreover, some users indicated that they had purchased TomTom Runner for 6 months and it's still intact.


For runners whose budget is under $80, the TomTom Runner GPS Watch must be the #1 choice for its functions and reliable quality. In other words, it is the best watch for runner among best outdoor watches with the same price. The TomTom Runner GPS Watch offers all kinds of data you hope to find on best watches for running by its built-in accelerometer and sensors. After your exercising, you can sync and share the data or export data for training plan through the TomTom MySports web tool.



Top Rated Fitness Watches

1. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

best fitness watches


1 Easy Swapping Out and Various Bands. It may take your time struggling with it at first but the second time would be much faster. The original black band may be kind of monotonous and you can buy other bands with patterns you like.

2 Well Design. Width of the Charge 2 is nearly indistinguishable to the original Charge/HR while the band is much longer than the Charge. For people who always wear small fitbit products, almost the last hole is also OK with them. In addition, the button on the left side is pronounced for nice firm clicks.

4 Clear Display. Many users like its display for brightness and clearness. They can see it extremely well, even in bright sunlight. However, it is not an issue for users that the screen is not a color screen.

5 Breathing/Relaxation Function. It and prompts you when to take deep breaths, etc by supervising you inhale and exhale.

6 Reminders to Move: It will thump you with a vibe if you sit on it too long.

7 Easy to operate. Menu items start with a clock face, then by pressing the button will display Heart Rate, Exercise, Stopwatch, Relax, and Alarm. By selecting specific workouts, you are able to check your activity data during the workout such as: steps, pace, calories burned, heart rate, etc.


1 Not Strong Enough Vibration. If you're a heavy sleeper, it is an issue for waking you up. Unless you wore it very tight to bed last night or you won’t be waked up the next morning.

2 Message Display Too Long. Once you got a message, you can see that the whole message slowly scrolls and notifications to you at once. It is annoying according to many users’ response.

3 There is no 3rd party support at this time such as facebook, instagram, etc


As the workhorse of top rated fitness watches, the Fitbit Charge watch has been improved and that is how the Fitbit Charge 2 comes out. Owning a far more senior quality than the original Fitbit Charge, the Fitbit Charge 2 can easily acquire your attentions and love right out of the box by its very sleek and elegant appearance. There are seven to choose form to display or cycle through stats: day & date, heart rate, date, steps taken, how far you are in your goals, your hourly movement reminders, etc. However, vibration is notably weaker than the original Charge. It is an issue for waking you up but while you are running, you still can receive basic texts, both SMS & iMessage, Incoming calls, and calendar alerts.


2. Fitness Tracker HR, Letsfit Activity Tracker Watch

best fitness tracker watch


1 High Quality Band. The band has a nice silky texture on the inside part that touches the skin. The outside of the band has a texture to it. The best thing about the band, is the little piece that fits into the notches. The band is so comfortable and sturdy that you don’t need to worry the watch falling when running anymore.

2 Accurate step count. When compare with many fitness tracker watches, you will find Letsfit Activity Tracker Watch is as accurate as other top fitness tracker watches.

3 Excellent Compatibility. No matter which system your mobile phone installed, it is ok to allow Apple Health to read its data or install VeryFitPro by scanning the QR code in the instructions.

4 Quick Charge. For the moderate battery life, plugged directly into the power source, it takes reasonable time about 2 hours to charge. It doesn’t need USB cables to plug into a power source to charge.

5 Message Notification. When you receive a text message, email, and even calendar, you can choose options to alert you in an app. You can be notified when 3rd party app like facebook, instagram receives a message. The fitness tracker watch shows the sender and the message/e-mail subject when your phone has new notifications.


The VeryFitPro app has limitations. Some users indicated that they couldn't edit the sleep part. It made the watch recorded the time they went to bed was different to the real time and produced a less accurate sleep report.


Compare to other fitness tracker watches: Bella Beat, the first generation fitbit, iPhone with the Health app and Fitness Tracker HR. Although Fitness Tracker HR is not the one with most functions, it is one of the top rated fitness watches for beginner for its low-cost and basic functions. That’s another story if you want something over complicated or with too many features.  It is simple and smart for beginners who are better to get used to it as a preparation for higher class ones. 

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