Recommended protections of anti virus for iPhone

Author:Livia | TIME:November 07,2017

Many people think that only their PC such as Windows or Mac will come on virus, and their handy smart phones can be never get hurt with the anti virus such as the antivirus for iPhone or iPad. However, you should throw these kind of risky naive thoughts away as soon as you can. The anti virus are without limitations, it is common when it com on virus to your stable operating systems such as iOS, and it is deniable that many of smart phone users admit that there will be virus on iPhone or iPad and they are very necessary to take protections for preventing the antivirus on iPhone or iPad. From the same point to make a better environment without iPad or iPhone virus, we will list you top 5 free antivirus for iPad or iPhone that can make you far away from the com-on virus for iPhone or iPad.


Top 1. McAfee Mobile Security


McAfee is a big name in security since the early days of the Internet, when viruses were passed around easily among inexperienced users. Nowadays the world has changed, your privacy should be much stronger to against the com on virus and the antivirus for iPhone or iPad. McAfee Mobile security offers many different solutions in one app, including backing up your data, encrypting your phone, and restricting app usage behind a PIN number. No, it is not a traditional anti virus for iPhone or iPad, it is effective to focus on any com-on virus or any app that may be taking control of your iPhone or iPad. It worth the name of “the best antivirus for iPhone and iPad”.



Top2.Lookout Personal


Similar to McAfee, Lookout Personal provides a host of security features that are helpful to save your iPhone or iPad from getting lost or stolen, but it also constantly monitors apps to ensure that they aren`t engaging in malicious activity - the very definition of a com on virus. It also helps to protect your personal information to make it less vulnerable to identity thieves. This could be the best antivirus for iPad because of its constant monitoring.


Top3.Norton Mobile Security


Another famous name in antivirus protection software ( Also the best seller in Amazon software) Norton`s mobile series enable several features to keep iPhone or iPad safe without the attack of com on virus. The features of being a privacy protector, anti-phishing web protection, and a antivirus tracking for iPhone or iPad are just a few of the things that this well-rounded app has to offer.




For many PC users, most of them will probably heard of Avast`s antivirus software. With Avast to prevent antivirus on iPhone or iPad, there are also some interesting privacy-enhancing features on virus for iPhone protection. It encrypts your incoming and outgoing traffic to avoid snooping or com on virus from third parties and it also offers a VPN, which strengthen both privacy and your ability to bypass geographic restrictions in content.



Top5.Find My iPhone


Find My iPhone is created and provided by Apple to help iOS users to find their iPhone or iPad when they get lost or stolen. Once your iPhone or iPad is missing, it can locate your missing device on a map just simply launch in with Apple ID. Besides, you can also remotely lock your missing device, play a sound, display a message and also erase all data which may contains the antivirus for iPhone or iPad.


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