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Part 1. Best 5 spice grinder list

Part 2. Best spice grinders buying guide

Part 2-1. Considerations of spice grinders

Part 2-2. Price of different spice grinder types

Delicious food or drinking will make us forget about the exhausting of the day. Having a spice grinder enables us to get various of spice, herb or coffee powder that can make a perfect taste. Moreover, the powers are easy to storage and have longer expiration date than the original. That`s why spice grinders can be one of the must-have in most of kitchens, and here we will make you the reviews on 5 well-selected spice grinders from Amazon with their features, advantages, shortages and buying considerations. 

Tips 1. Keep the spices cool and not to burn the spices so you can keep spices are as delicious as possible.

Part 1. Best 5 spice grinder list

Spice grinderMaterial
KRUPS F203SteelVane3.0 oz12 cups2 years4.1/12,883Check!
SecuraE SP-7412SteelVane1.8 oz12 cups1 years4.3/873Check! 
Cuisinart SG-10SteelVane3.0 oz45ml-1L1.5 years3.9/641Check! 
BazaarBrassRollers4.2 oz

1/2-1      spoon

Quiseen Q-CG001PlasticVane2.5 oz7 cups2 years4.4/1,765Check!

1.Best spice grinder overall-KRUPS F203      

Best spice grinder overall.png

Check price and reviews at Amazon.png

Krpups F203 is our top pick as the best fixed-cup spice grinder, which is excellent for coffee, nuts or spice grinding and make the max cups of 12. If you want to get a fast grinder with easy usage and for coffee grinding, this one should be your best choice, which with a high rates of 4.1 among more than 10 thousands of reviews in Amazon. 

Tips2. To make a perfect taste, we suggest to grind separately different spices when using this grinder. 


Affordable price 

Light weight 

Small size with big capacity  


The receiving bin is kind of messy 

Immovable bowl

2. Best effective spice grinder-SecuraE SP-7412

Best effective spice grinder.png

Check price and reviews at Amazon.png

The SecuraE SP-7412 is ideal for its large, changeable capacity cause you will get 2 steel cups as in 1 package. You don`t need to worry about heat cause the overheat protection installed inside will keep you safe. This electric grinder can be used for chia seeds and coffee beans, which can give you up to 12 cups of drinks with fully ounces. Moreover, if you want to have an effective, mess-free way to grind spices quickly or get the best cinnamon, the SecuraE SP-7412 will be your best choice with the high rates of 4.3 in amazon.


Removable bowls        

Durable motor designed for heat           

Powerful electrical system

Stainless steel components

Grinding and chopping bowls

Non-slip base


Imperfect bowl 

Motor can only run for several seconds at a time & remians a lot

3. Best fast and smooth grinding-Cuisinart SG-10

Best fast and smooth grinding.png

Check price and reviews at Amazon.png

Cuisinart SG-10 is our top pick as the most efficient spice grinder, which is perfect for seeds, nuts, spices grinding. You will get the powder of black peppercorns in only 10 seconds and 45 seconds for cinnamon. Moreover, the production can be ranged from 45ml to 1L, which depends on the what kind of powder you want. This one is perfect for one who want an electric grinder that grinds spices in short time and makes powder evenly.



Powerful electric grinder

Non-slip rubber feet

Heavy-duty electrical motor

Lid-activated power controls            

Dishwasher-safe lid and grinding cup              

High production in short time


Leaks spices that is smelly

Unsuitable cover

4. Best manual spice grinder-Bazaar Anatolia

Best manual spice grinder.png

Check price and reviews at Amazon.png

Besides of its vintage and special style, Bazaar anatolia Turkish Grinder is also our best manual spice grinder with drama cheap price, which will keep your budget very well. With its simple ancient manual operations, you can get a correct size powers of pepper, salts and spices in real time and being fresh. For some prefer manual grinder, this one is an elegant cost-effective choice that can fully grind your spice or coffee beans. Here we have a video of how to use Bazaar anatolia Turkish Grinder.

Tips 3. The fresher spice we got, the healthier we are. So remember to think about the spice schedule and control the amounts. 


Stylish & specious design           

Reasonable price, Durable usage

Adjustable coarseness level

Manual for easy to use handle


Sensitive to water        

Small capacity  

5.Best one-touch spice grinder-Quiseen Q-CG001

Best one-touch spice grinder.png

Check price and reviews at Amazon.png


One of the most shining advantages of Quiseen Q-CG001 is the one-touch operation installed, which is very easy to use. This spice grinder is perfect for various of coffee beans, nuts, herbs, grains and spices, which will make you up to 7 cups of drink with full capacity at one time. Moreover, it is also a kind of BPA-free spice grinder that makes fully grind, with a suitable portable size for homes, hotels and restaurant.


2.5-ounce receptacle (BPA-free)

One-touch operation

Effective Safety Lock

Built-In Power Cord Storage

Durable stainless steel blades


Loose-fitting lid

Hard to clean

Part 2. Best spice grinders buying guide

You can just pick up one of the spice grinders in the list we showed above, but we still want to tell you more information about the spice grinders. In the following parts, we will talk about the spice grinder considerations, prices, ease of use as well as the way to clean.

Part 2-1. Considerations of spice grinders

Main considerations include the types, features and grinding suitability. If you want to get the best one, the real reviews and rates in a shopping platform are what you should also pay attention to. Luckily, the 5 spice grinders we picked up here are based on thousands of tests, comparisons as well as based on the real buyer reflections from Amazon.

Types of spice grinders

Most of popular spice grinders we used nowadays are separated as electric and manual spice grinders. Except for the Bazaar Anatolia that we listed here, another 4 are the electric spice grinders that can be easily to use. So how can we know more clearly about electric spice grinders? You probably need to know their pros and cons.

Electric spice grinders

Electric spice grinders.png

The electric types can grind itself automatically with simple operations by pressing the buttons.


*Faster and easier for users to get spice powders, more convenient than manual spice grinders.

*Alternative sizes of grind, even and uniforms

*Larger grinder sizes of different types than manual types


*Most of electric cost more than manual types

*Not the best choice for real-time grindings with small amounts

*Some of them are not easy to clean, different spices will remain

Manual spice grinders

Manual spice grinders.png

Even if the electric and automatic are the trendier today, many of us still prefer the manual types, which is a kind of vintage and life attitude. The manual spice grinders can be operated by hands, we can control them with a crank, pull-cord or a push button. The Bazaar Anatolia is a classic manual type that can be turned by a crank.


*Compared to the electric types, manual spice grinders are more controllable that can over-grind and produce a better grinds

*Manual spice grinders are easier to clean than electric, but some of them should be cleaned without wet such as the Bazaar Anatolia that are sensitive for water. 

*You will on your budget with cheap price

*No limitation of electronic


*Need to wait longer time for the grinds

*Most of manual spice grinders have smaller capacity and grind sizes, which also not suitable for larger spices.

Features of spice grinders

The main feature of grinders is grinding, what makes the differences between them are the capacity, materials, cutters and sizes. In the list of 5 choices we chose, you can easily know these features among them.

The amounts. How many amounts of spices it can accept each time, which is usually can be found at the user guide. So how to choose one that brings the perfect amount? You just need to figure out the electric spice grinders give a large amount that can be stored for a long time, and the manual spice grinders are more perfect to get fresh grind with small amount.

The capacity sometimes depends on the space of your kitchen or wherever it works. For narrow space, a compact or small size spice grinder could be your better choice. If you have a big kitchen or counter, the size won`t be a confusion. Moreover, if you want to take a grinder away wherever you are, getting a compact size will be more convenient that won`t take lots of space.

Grind size. How much powder you can get when the grinder finishing working and how big they are. No matter of what spice grinder types, you can choose the grind sizes such as coarser or fine. About the amount of grind, manual spice grinders make less than the electric spice grinders.

Cutters. How long can the spice grinder serves depends on the type of cutter inside. Getting one with a durable blade inside will make the grinder stay longer, such as the steel that is hard to be corroded and dulled.

Materials. At the time of having a perfect taste, you need a spice grinder made of healthy materials. Remember to avoid those made of plastic or BPA chemicals.

Grinding suitability      

Most of spice grinders are available for spices, herbs and coffee beans. The 5 best choices we listed actually has their talents. The Cuisinart is more good at spice and nut; Krups and Quiseen does better in spice and coffee; Besides the spice and coffee, SecuraE is a good choice for vegetables.

Ease of use and maintenance

We all want to have a spice grinder that can be easily used. Here you need to figure out that the grinders in industrial types are more complicated and harder for people to use, cause they have more features and capacities than the standard types we used daily. As a result, the spice grinder with more features or moving parts will need a more complicated maintenance.



Most of spice grinders can be cleaned with running water and dry them off before storing, but you also need to follow the user guides. For those are water sensitive, a dry cloth is necessary. Moreover, some spice grinders are removable which means you can clean each part of them separately. 

Part 2-2. Price of different spice grinder types

For most manual spice grinders, the prices are at the range from $10-$20, the one costs around  $15 will be a better choice for more durable. The electric spice grinders commonly price at $15-$50. Generally speaking, the more expensive a spice grinder it is, the more multifunctional. We suggest the one prices around $20 that is more durable and good quality. 

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