How to Block and Unblock A Number on Android Viber

Author:Jake | TIME:October 07,2017

Just like your mobile phone has a “Block” feature that you can use to restrict specific numbers or contacts to send messages or make calls to you, most chat apps offer you such an option. For example, WhatsApp, Kik, Viber and more enable you to block anyone you want. If you block them on Viber, you won’t receive messages or calls from them.  


Why Do You Want to Block Someone?

You might have been annoyed by spam and advertisement on your phone. And Viber, one of the most popular communicating platforms, has been used by spammers and advertisers to promote their products or services. And since Viber allows to make/receive video calls and send text messages for free over Internet, it is easy for them to reach you and start their promotion. Besides, you may have some irritating contacts in the list that keep bothering you. So if you don’t want to disturbed, you just need to block them. Also, you can unblock them anytime you want. And below is how to block and unblock a number on Android Viber.



How to Block An Existing Contact on Android Viber

1. Open the Viber app on your Android device. (Make sure you are using the latest version)

2. Go to the contact list, select and open the contact you want to block.

3. Tap the icon on the upper right corner and select Block option.

how to block a contact on Android Viber 


How to Block A Number on Android Viber

1. Start the Viber app on your Android device.

2. Go to Settings > Privacy > Block List

3. Tap the "+ Block Number" icon on the bottom and enter a number that you want to add to the blacklist.

how to block a number on Android Viber 

Report Spam

Another way to stop others from sending you spam messages is to REPORT SPAM. You can go to Support Page( to report the spammer to Viber. When you are there, select "Technical issue" and state the case to Viber, for example, you’re getting spam from the user. Make sure your report message includes the spammer’s info including phone number.



How to Unblock A Number on Android Viber

If you block someone on Viber by mistake, you can unblock him/her with ease. Below is how:

1. Open the Viber app on your Android phone.

2. Go to Viber Settings > Privacy > Block List

3. When you see list of blocked contacts /numbers, click on the Unblock button to remove the contact/number from the black list.

how to unblock a number on Android Viber 

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