How to Boot Android into Recovery Mode

Author:Jake | TIME:October 07,2017

We all know that rooting Android device enables you to flash ROM, customize the Home page, uninstall preset applications and so on. Yet before you can start the rooting process, you may need to put your Android device into Recovery Mode. In addition to rooting, there are other occasions when you may need to put into Recovery Mode, for example, when you need a factory reset or update Android operating system.


Booting into recovery mode is not an easy task for many Android users especially the new users. And the process of getting into recovery mode is a little different for different Android phones. To help you with that, we will talk about how to boot into recovery with several mainstream Android brands: Samsung, HTC, Google Nexus and LG.


Note: Different Android devices have different key combinations to enter bootloader or fastboot mode. Generally, holding "Volume-" key/"Volume+" key and "Power" key together works for most Android phones.

Solution 1: How to Boot Samsung Galaxy into Recovery Mode

If you are using an Samsung phone, Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5 or other models, you would need to turn off the device by holding down the Power key and select "Power off" option. Then keep pressing and holding Power Key, Volume+ and Home button at the same time until you see the Samsung logo. After that, you are able to select the recovery mode option by using the Volume keys to highlight and the Power key to confirm. This method also works for a Galaxy S4 recovery mode too.

how to boot into recovery mode - Samsung


Solution 2: How to Put HTC Device into Recovery Mode

To put an HTC phone into recovery mode, you can use the FASTBOOT reboot recovery mode. Here is how:
1. On your HTC device, open "Settings > Battery" and uncheck the option that says FASTBOOT. 
2. Power off the smartphone and wait for about 5 seconds until it completely switches off. 
3. Press and hold Volume- button and press the Power key at the same time. 
4. Don’t release the keys until you can see the new menu appears on the screen. Use the Volume down button to navigate to the options in Bootloader Mode, and use the Power button to confirm "Recovery" option. Then your HTC will get into Recovery Mode.

how to boot into recovery mode - HTC 


Solution 3: How to Get into Recovery Mode on LG

For those who owns an LG phone such as LG G6, G5, G4, V10, V20, etc., you can get it into recovery mode by following the below steps:
1. Power off your LG phone. 
2. Press and hold the Power key and Volume- button at the same time. 
3. When you see the LG logo appears on the scree, let go of the keys and then press the Power and Volume- button again until you see the Hard Reset menu. 
4. Once the menu is displayed in the screen, highlight an option by using the Volume keys and confirm hard reset by pressing Power button.

how to boot into recovery mode - LG

Solution 4: How to Boot Google Nexus into Recovery Mode

The operation of booting Google Nexus into recovery mode is similar to that of LG.
1. Power off your Google Nexus phone. 
2. Press and hold the Volume- and Power key buttons, and you'll see the word "Start" at the top of the screen.
3. Press the Volume- button twice to highlight "Recovery". And then press the Power button to start Recovery mode. 
4. When you see the white Google logo pops up, press and hold the Power key and the Volume up key for about 3 seconds, and then let go of the Volume+ key, but don’t let go the Power button.
5. Use the Volume keys to highlight the options and the Power key to select the one you want.

how to boot into recovery mode - Google Nexus

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