Eureka! Brand New Kitchen Scrubber - Silicone Sponge

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Part 1. Multipurpose Antibacterial Kitchen Gadget - Silicone Sponge

Part 2. Other Silicone Sponges for Buyer

It is said that the first dish scrubber is made of sea sponge, which has soft and porous structure. The sea sponge is one of the simplest organisms and it is collected by people to make kitchen scrubber in the old days.

The change of dish scrubber happened in the 1940s. A company called DuPont developed a new artificial sponge as an alternative to natural sponge. The wheel of sponge use history keeps moving and we get many new material scrubbers such as silicone sponge !

From the oldest sponge to the newest one, you will find out that you have multiple choice of dish scrubber. And you will get different result of dish washing with those sponges. The sea sponge falls apart more easily than others. Same things will happen to synthetic sponges which are made of foamed plastic material.

Luckily, the silicone sponge won't have such a problem. As a newbie dish scrubber, it maybe a little bit strange to you. However, sponge which is made of silicone have various advantages in dish cleaning. Today let's dig out some great features of this sponge deeply.

Part 1. Multipurpose Antibacterial Kitchen Gadget - Silicone Sponge

1. For Kitchen Clesilicone spongeaning

This sponge is made of a high-tech silicone texture, which won't easily damage and deform during utilize. It works well to cleanse pots, bowls, plates, cups, veggies and fruit. Also, the sponge features on high-temperature resistance and wear resistance.

Silicone scrubber is soft and flexible. The scrubber won't scratch the surface of the washing item and you can squeeze it into any shape so that you can clean the hard-to-reach part of irregular dishes.

2. For Other Household Chores

This sponge is not just working as a dish scrubber. It can be used in lots of chores as well. For example, you can use the silicone sponge as an exfoliating pad in shower. Or you can use it to scrub kids' hand for cleaning. Other functions like cleaning grills or cars are also attractive and effective.

3. cFone's Multiuse Silicone Sponge

There is a lot of kinds of dish scrubber on Amazon. Here I will pick out one sponge sold by cFone to have a further explanation.

By searching for cFone's silicone scrubber on Amazon, you will see sponge in round shape and assorted colors. The color includes red, pink, blue, green and yellow. With cute shape and bright color, this silicone sponge looks attractive.

I purchase on from Amazon and have a little test of this sponge. After testing, I can surely tell you that this sponge has nice performances in light washing. Besides, it can be a nice coaster and pot holder!

OutstandicFone silicone spongeng Features:

BPA-free, FDA-approved and LFGB standard.

Nice performances in light washing

Won't scratch the surface of dishes

Great scrubber for washing veggies and fruit

Work well as a nice coaster or pot holder

Can be used as a shower loofah, kids' toy and even stress-reducing gadget

Hanging loop and lightweight design make the silicone sponge become easy to carry and store


Faster dry

Wide range of heat resistance

Non-toxic, no odor, no residue and inhibits bacterial growth


Thissilicone scrubber can't absorb water and clean counter, table or stove.


Part 2. Other Silicone Sponges for Buyer

Except cFone's 5-pack round sponge, you can check out other silicone scrubbers which have different color and shape. At the rest of this article, I would like to show you 3 more silicone sponge products sold on Amazon. You can make a comparison among those sponges and find your favorite one after reading.

Hovnee Silicone Scrubber - Food-grade Dishwashing Brush and Antibacterial Sponge for Kitchen

There are 4 sponges packed in 1 package. Each package has 4 different color sponges, including orange, green, blue and pink. All the sponges are flower-shaped. Now let see more info of this kind of dish sponge.

Hovnee Silicone Scrubber


Made of environmentally friendly silicone sponge

Soft bristle work well to remove dirt from every corner of dish

Double side design to meet your diverse requirements in kitchen

Multipurpose use such as washing dishes, fruits, vegetable or use it as oven mitts

Labor saving design for household chores.

Heat insulation pad design


Easy to clean and dry fast

Powerful for cleaning hard-to-reach places


You may need to use more dish soap for dish washing than regular sponge.

iWeller Multipurpose Silicone Sponge for Kitchen

This product contains 2 pieces of green color silicone sponge. The sponge is concaved-shaped. And that shape makes this sponge very easy to be gripped. Below are something you may want to know about his dish sponge.

iWeller Multipurpose Silicone Sponge


Not porous at all

Designed with creative and heat resistant silicone material

Capable to clean pot, bowls, plates, cups and other dishes easily

Ensure no scratches leaving on the surface of the cleaned dishes

Can be simply hung on through the hanging hole

Enable to perform like a make up brush cleaner


Gently wash your dishes

Help you get a sanitary kitchen with ease

Great for doing most cleaning tasks in kitchen


Only has green color

Smaller and more flimsy than other types of silicone sponge

UNIQME Food-Grade and Anti-slippery Dishwashing Brush

You can get 3 different color sponges for 1 purchase, including purple, green and pink. This multifunctional sponge is convenient for many household chores.

UNIQME Food-Grade and Anti-slippery Dishwashing Brush


BPA Free and BPS Free

Made of antibacterial and food-grade silicone material

Capable of performing like face scrubber or body scrubber

Pocket design makes this silicone sponge easily and tightly worn on hand

Has no strange odor


Protect your hands during washing

Safe to clean cookware and tableware

Heat resistant and lightweight


Hard to drain and there might be some water stay in the inside of this silicone sponge after dishwashing.

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