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Sometimes both of the countertop blenders and food processors can be seen in a kitchen, if your kitchen is bigger enough. However, not many of us have such a big place to get these 2, so how could you satisfy the needs of a cup of pure juice with the only 1 choice between food processors and countertop blenders? Just give me a minute to let you know the usages of processors at the very first beginning and think about getting a food processors or countertop blender. If you determine to get a food processors, just keep eyes on the rest of this article. Alternatively refer to the article of best countertop blenders buy on amazon to get one for your pure healthy drink.

Reasons for food processors?


Actually there are not such an obvious difference between countertop blenders and food processors. Generally speaking, we prefer take food processors to get the juice made of vegetables or fruits, sometimes for puree baby food. If you want to add some vegetables or dry ingredients to your soup, getting a food processor will be better, for which is talented in handling drier ingredients or chopping veggies. The wide flat blade and larger, shallower container built in the food processors makes the food processor perfect to mix pie dough, knead bread dough, and shred veggies or cheese.


Considerations before buying food processors


*Features of food processors

A motor speed and a small tube opening at the top are the most normal basic features. Keep in mind that the food processor you prefer has a "pulse" button, which enables small bursts of power and is good for rough chopping or quick dough kneading. Moreover, if the food processor has a smooth touch pad for the controls for cleaning easier than raised buttons, as well as dishwasher-safe parts, will be more appreciated.



Here are at least 3 things that need your food processors with enough power to work, which means you should get rid of the one that could handle any one of these: kneading stiff doughs, chopping raw carrots, or shredding a hard cheese. If you need to satisfy at least 9 cups, the one with at least 600 watts can be the best buy food processor.


*Size & Capacity

Normally, the size of food processor comes from 3-cup choppers to 20-cup versions which can work for a restaurant kitchen. What size of food processor is the best one for you? Actually it depends on the how many people you need to cook for daily and what`s the food you take normally. For example, 11-cup size can meet the needs of families with 4 people or which are used to take single-batch dough. Food processors with small work bowl and blade or can be separated into 3-cup “prep” can be work perfectly for families like chopping small amounts of herbs or nuts, or making small quantities of sauces.


*Attachments and Accessories

Most of food processors goes with different attachment and accessories. Some of them are given with bowls, blades and disks, even attachments and speed settings that turn the processor into a citrus juice or a bread dough kneader.


Amazon best buy food processors 2018


#1.Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor


Rated:4.3 out of 5.0

Customer reviews: 4,093


Buy used: $ 26.32


*Reduce prep time with powerful, easy-to-use products

*Reversible slice / shred disc

*S-Blade for chopping, mixing & pureeing

*Large feed chute - fits a whole block of cheese to reduce pre-cutting

#2.Ninja Master Prep Chopper, Blender, Food Processor


Rated:4.4 out of 5.0

Customer reviews: 5,622


Buy used: $ 27.88


*Frozen blending and perfect, even chopping

*2 conveniently sized jars

*Anti-spill splash guard, easy-flip pour spout, and no-slip base

*2-cup Processor minces, dices, chops, blends and purees


Package includes

*400 Watt Power Pod, 48 oz.

*Pitcher, Stacked Blade Assembly, Pitcher Splash Guard, 16 oz.

*Chopper Bowl

*Chopping Blade Assembly

*Chopper Splash Guard


#3.Ninja Master Prep Professional Chopper, Blender


Rated:4.5 out of 5.0

Customer reviews:3,983


Price: $ 49.98


*48 oz. pitcher for frozen blending and smoothies

*40 oz. bowl for food processing and meal preparation

*16 oz. chopper bowl for even chopping

*All jars include convenient storage lids, are dishwasher safe, and are BPA free


Package Includes:

450-Watt Power Pod, 16 oz.

Chopper Bowl

Chopper Splash Guard

1 Chopper Storage Lid, 40 oz.

Processor Bowl, Stacked 4 Blade Assembly, 48 oz.


Pitcher Splash Guard

Stacked 6 Blade Assembly

1 Storage Lid for the 48/40 oz. Pitchers


#4.Oster Pro 1200 Food Processor Attachment


Rated:4.0 out of 5.0

Customer reviews:1,658


Price: $ 59.31 


*With Bonus Food Processor Attachment

*Smoothie To-Go Cup

*5-cup BPA-free Food Processing Bowl

*Smart Settings Technology

*Extra-Wide Base


#5.Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor


Rated:4.4 out of 5.0

Customer reviews:1,095


Price: $227.03


*DFP-14BCNY Cuisinart Custom 14 Food Processor

*Durable, Dependable and Sized for Big Jobs

*Maximum Power

*Extra-Large Feed Tube

*Precise Professional Results

*On, Off, Pulse

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