How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock?

Author:Jake | TIME:September 18,2017

If you buy an iPhone from the second-hand market or it is a giveaway from your family or friends, you may want to remove the iCloud account set by the previous owner. If you can reach the owner and get the password from him or her, then you can enter the iPhone and reset the password for your Apple ID and iCloud account. However, on the contrary, if you don’t get the correct password, it can be quite complicated to bypass iCloud activation.


We have heard that many users have this iCloud bypass problem, so we here write this article to explain how to bypass activation lock of iCloud in your iPhone without password. Below are solutions that you can follow.



2 Way to Bypass iCloud Activation


Solution 1: Contact the Previous Owner


1. The most straightforward way to bypass iCloud activation is to contact the previous owner and ask them to turn off their “Find My iPhone”. The previous owner of your iPhone may have forgotten to remove their personal information before reselling it. Then you can get into the device and remove the activation.


2. If they erased the iPhone, you will need to ask for their Apple ID and password. But taking into security and privacy into consideration, they seldom send you their ID and password, which means you will have to take the device back to them and let them input their Apple ID and password to remove the iPhone from their account.


If you don’t get to them in the flesh, there is another way you can follow:

(1) Sign into with Apple ID and go to Find My iPhone.

(2) Select on the Device List and then select your device and click Remove from Account.

(3) After you receive confirmation that they have removed the phone from their account, restart your iPhone to set up the device.




Solution 2: Bypass iCloud Activation Using Online Unlock Service

If the above solution doesn’t work, you can try with the online unlock service - Please keep in mind that this service requires a fixed fee to unlock your iPhones. You just need to provide the IMEI and model of your iPhone and they can unlock your device no matter where your phone is, but you will need to wait for a few working days before they completely unlock the phone.

Note: The IMEI is a number that identifies mobile devices and it is unique.


If you use an iPhone 5 or a newer model, your IMEI is printed on the back of your phone

If you have an older model, dial *#06#


How to Use unlock service?

1. Open in the browser and fill in the required information. 

2. After you click on the Unlock Now tab, you will be directed to a secure page where you can fill in your payment details. 

3. Once you complete the payment, the unlocking process will begin. 

4. You will receive periodic emails informing you the progress.



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