Top 5 Cartoon Network Games for Android

Author:Jake | TIME:November 08,2017

Go to Google Play and you can download various games for your Android, including a lot of garbage tie-ins. I still have no idea why these so-called games would be developed and what's worse, be sold at a high price. Nevertheless, there are still some good games, for example, Cartoon Network Games. And below I would introduce 5 Cartoon Network Games that you can play on Android.


Attack the Light - Steven Universe

When we are talking about Cartoon Network Games, Grumpyface is the name you should know for sure. This talented studio is a regular collaborator with both Cartoon Network and Adult Swim's publishing houses and it may be their star pupil. Once you've got started to play Attack the Light, you will agree with that. This game based on the show Steven Universe uses an interesting stylistic stripped-down design from the show, while still being a faithful representation of the world of the show. The game itself takes cues from games like Super Mario RPG that involve timing and interactive elements in battle beyond just selecting attacks in menus. It's an RPG that's strong well beyond the hook of its license, and fun even if you're not a fan of the show. 

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Cartoon Network Games - Attack the Light


Adventure Time Game Wizard

Cartoon Network Games also is known to do a bit of game publishing and adaption and what they did here was pretty cool. They licensed Pixel Press Floors, a game that lets you sketch out levels on paper and scan them into the game. They then add in a single-player campaign based on the show, using all the different characters as a way to present different scenarios. And of course, there's the ability to create levels – both in-game and on paper – and to share them with the world. It's a powerful creation tool that could help a lot of kids out in becoming the next great game designers. 

Get Adventure Time Game Wizard on Google Play

Adventure Time Game Wizard



Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

Screenshot of Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake for Android. SleepNinja/Cartoon Network Games

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is one of not-licensed publications of Cartoon Network Games. Yet this puzzle-adventure game by SleepNinja is great and funny. You can use various items monsters with different abilities to help solve puzzles and get your birthday cake back. It's a clever little game that has gained a lot of well-deserved promotion because of Cartoon Network's publishing. 

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Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake


Teeny Titans

Teeny Titans, one of the better Pokemon clones of Teen Titans Go, is actually not a complete copy of that. The combat of these two CN games is totally different with Teeny Titans using real-time elements with charging up attacks to make itself distinguishable. It's a familiar game with a license that still manages to be a bit unique in and of itself, that's a combo that Cartoon Network and Grumpyface pull off really well. 

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Teeny Titans


Steven Universe Soundtrack Attack

Screenshot of Soundtrack Attack, a rhythm-platformer based on Steven Universe. Cartoon Network Games

There is no doubt that not all Cartoon Network games come from SleepNinja or Grumpyface; however, they still have good reputation. This rhythm platformer with remixes of the show's music is perfect for Steven Universe fans. But what excites the fans is the custom Crystal Gem creator that allows players to create their own gemsona, so to speak, to play as in the game. Just a cool little touch that tries to connect with the fans rather than just being a cash-in. 

Get Steven Universe Soundtrack Attack on Google Play

Steven Universe Soundtrack Attack


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