Self Remedy: Cell phone repair for common problems

Author:Livia | TIME:December 14,2017

It`s not hard for us to think about when we got our cell phone broken or wet. Besides these 2 common problems of cell phone, the durable battery and overheating are also the common problems happens to cell phone. For these kind of issues, do you know the ways of cell phone repair by yourself such as the cell phone screen repair? You may say that I can get another new one if there is no way to give your cell phone repair, actually you don`t really have to do that. In this article, we will show you the ways of cell phone repair by yourself for the common problems. 

#Problem 1.Cell phone repair from getting wet


One of the most common problem of cell phone might be getting wet. You just need to follow the easy steps below, then it can work again with the self remedy cell phone repair.


Step 1: Promptly take away your phone from the liquid.

The key point of this cell phone repair is to take it out of the water as quickly as you can.


Step 2: Turn the cell phone off


Many of them will be survived with this step of cell phone repair if they are detached from the power source when they get wet.


Step 3: Remove the case and battery


Smart phones like Apple`s iPhone are trickier, so make sure the phone is off at the very least. It`s best to familiarize yourself with how to remove your phone’s battery beforehand, so you can remove it quickly in a fix, but most phones don`t have removable batteries these days. 


What important but not the last is that, you need to at least get the particular cell phone repair kit of your own. Refer to the article References of cell phone repair kit on amazon to get the most suitable cell phone repair kit for yourself.



Step 4: Remove the SIM card

Just remove the SIM card, do so and pad it dry as possible as you can.


Step 5: Remove other components as you can

Make it by wedging something flat into the base of the casing.


Step 6: Remove all moisture

These are the real details of cell phone repair:

* gently shaking your phone to remove any excess surface moisture.

*Take a towel and soak up as much moisture as you can, especially in the crevasses of the phone.

*Don’t wipe too hard and avoid using a hairdryer, or other appliances that put out heat — the excessive temperature can further damage your smart phone.

*cover and seal all the smart phone components in a bag of uncooked rice or silica packets


Step 7: Be patient and Test the Phone From Cell Phone Repair


This is the last thing that worth to pay for when you try cell phone repair by yourself. Remember to remain it sealed or leave it on a dry spot or absorbent towel for 24 to 48 hours before you power on again. After that, take out the smart phone from the bag, reassemble it if necessary, and hold down the power button. Hopefully it can work again from the cell phone repair, otherwise you have to pay for another new one-at least you have try your best. Check out the Amazon Best Top Unlocked Cell Phone Lookup to get a deserved one.


#Problem 2.Cell phone repair for a unresponsive or frozen screen


If you have the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, you will be familiar with this issue. What`s the cell phone repair when the frozen screen happens? We have the potential cell phone repair ways for you.


Check out the video to give your frozen cell phone repair in 10 seconds!


#Problem3. Cell phone repair when overheating


This one will happens to most of cell phones if they keep running for a long time. Just follow the tips below to try a overheated cell phone repair by yourself. Take an overheated iPhone 8 as example.


#Problem4. Cell Phone Crackling Earpiece Repair


Sometimes you will noticed that your earpiece of cell phone keep crackling all the time when you are talking with others, this is noisy and terrible. We also give you a video as the cell phone repair for a crackling earpiece.

Cell Phone Crackling Earpiece Repair Below


More videos resource for cell phone repair:

How to repair mobile phone?

Cell phone repair for breaking screen(cell phone screen repair) 

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