Cell Phones

How to Use Samsung Gear Manager App to Pair Smartphone and Gear Watch

January 26,2018

This article talks about how to pair Samsung Gear watch and smartphone via Samsung Gear Manager.

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Self Remedy: Cell phone repair for common problems

December 14,2017

When your cell phone get broken, don`t give up to buy a new one. Follow this passage to find a way to try the cell phone repair, such as the broken or frozen screen, overheat.

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Buyer Guides: Amazon Best Top Unlocked Cell Phone Lookup

December 13,2017

What are the keys when you are taking the cell phone lookup? We have collected 6 cell phone unlock in amazon best sellers this year, showing you how these 6 unlocked cell phone can be the best sellers on amazon.com.

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Selections of best 5 carrier cell phone sellers on Amazon.com

November 23,2017

If you are wondering select a new Android carrier cell phone, why not choose one from the best Android carrier cell phone sellers on Amazon.com?

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Best Smartphones to Buy for Photographing

November 22,2017

This article is a selection of best smartphones that are great tools for photographing. Read the page and pick up your smartphone.

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