How to change kik display name on iPhone

Author:Livia | TIME:October 09,2017

As a new social communicate tool recently, kik is well known and world widely used among smart phone users, including iPhone and Android users. Kik is similar to iMessage and WhatsApp, and you need to create a unique account including the kik username and password with your email, and set up a display name when you are talking with others. Many users would not like the current username after creating an account. So you may wonder how to change your Kik username. However, one thing you need to figure out is that it is unable for kik user to change their kik username usually, which is your identity on Kik. In some way, to change kik username means you create a new kik account with a different email.

how to change your kik username

Therefore, if you are still looking for a solution on how to change Kik username, you may be disappointed. Still, for the reason of plenty of friends are involved in your old kik account, if you want to change a name for something new, changing your kik display name is recommended, which won`t make you an empty new kik account but make you something new.


Like I said, stop thinking how to change your Kik username but follow the steps below to make fun and something new in your Kik on your iPhone!


Step 1: Click Kik app and log in your account on your iPhone, then tap on the "Settings".


Step 2: Click "Your Account" and figure out what is your Kik username and your display name.


Step 3: Choose "Name” to change your display name.


Step 4: When the new window show up, you are able to type a new name that you want, then tap “OK” to confirm and keep this new.


Now turn back to the account page to see if the name has been changed into a new one successfully.


Actually, no matter of changing a kik username or kik display on your iPhone or iPad, it is a kind of message transferring. Speaking of message transferring, it is unavoidable for iPhone users to change them all in the normal setting way, some kik users are not able to change their display name with the method I mentioned above.  In this case, you can also select the third party Powerful iOS Data Transfer App to transfer your iPhone messages.

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