Simple Ways to Clean Baby Toys

Author:Angela | TIME:February 05,2018

Part 1. Why and how often do you clean baby toys?

Part 2. Some practical tips for cleaning baby toys:

Part 3. Some best baby toys and disinfecting wipes in Amazon:


Part 1. Why and how often do you clean baby toys?

Is Mr. Ducky looking a little dirty for bath? Now is a perfect time to clean him and his best toys friends. Babies love their toys but don’t know about the germs they will carry unless toys are cleaned properly and regularly.

Baby toys and play areas can be filled with a lot of invisible germs that lead to illness. And parents do not want their babies to get sick, especially if they can prevent it.

Therefore, cleaning is in your to do list. Before that, how often should you clean baby toys?


Don't go crazy scrubbing the baby toys so frequently, but make sure to give them a good once-over when you notice they're particularly filled with food or saliva.

You should also clean infant toysthoroughly in the following cases:

• When your baby is recovering from an illness like diarrhea or a cold

• After a play date since other children may have put the baby toys in their mouths

• If the toy hasn't been played with in a while

Part 2. Some practical tips for cleaning baby toys:

1.Small toys:

The dishwasher: Small plastic toys that don't have batteries can be placed in your dishwasher.

By hand: For small plastic toys that do have batteries, clean the outside of the toy with warm soap and water. Next use a disinfectant surface wipe to sanitize the outside. Wipe the toy with water and hang dry it.

2.Larger toys:

Clean the surface with soap and water, then wipe with either a disinfecting wipe or depending on the size, rinse with water after usage. Please follow label directions.

3.Fabric toys:

Wash in the laundry with soap and water. Depending on the type of toy, you can either hang dry it, place it in the dryer.

Part 3. Some best baby toys and disinfecting wipes in Amazon:

Babylian Floating Toy Tortoise Bath Thermometer for Baby Bathing Water Temperature Measure and Safe & Happy Bathing (Tortoise)


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  • Note: 1.Cute size over 6 inches long, comes with 3 AAA batteries already installed. 2.Please replace the battery when number shows incomplete or dark screen. 3. Please remove the battery if you do not use it for a long time. 4.Please contact seller if any battery problem.

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Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky


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  • White Hot Safety Disc reveals the word "HOT" when bath water is too hot for baby

  • Fun, easy-to-grasp size and shape

  • Water-tight to prevent sinking, squirting, and mildew

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Dreft Multi-Surface All-Purpose Gentle Cleaning Wipes for Baby Toys, Car Seat, High Chair & More, 70 Count


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