Clothes Dryer Reviews 2018 - Why and How to Buy One

Author:Jake | TIME:January 17,2018

One of the biggest challenges in rainy days is that clothes do not get dry easily. It’s not only about your having abundant clothes to change everyday, but it’s also about the clothes that you’ve just washed. Water evaporates quickly under condition of high temperature and circulating air; that’s why clothes get dry quickly if they are exposed to the sun. On the contrary, they may not dry completely in cold, rainy days. Most washing machines now feature a drying process that could spin the water off the clothes, yet it takes some time before the clothes get dry completely. Luckily, a clothes dryer is a great complementary device to this.


The rainy season is about to come, so it is wise to get everything ready. Getting your house a clothes dryer can avoid a lot of troubles that trouble people during the overwet days. You may argue that these clothes dryers are mostly used in rainy seasons and they become useless in other times, taking up a large of space. I agree with you on this, and that’s why we recommend the portable clothes dryer instead of the fixed ones.


While talking about portable clothes dryers, we refer to removable facilities with a clothes drying rack and a heater inside, and a cover outside. They are usually electric-driving equipment that can plug to electric current. And if you decide to buy such a clothing dryer, you should think about price, size, energy consumption, durability (quality), material, warranty, etc. Some clothes dryers come with a remote control feature, but they are usually a little more expensive. If this is something you want, it’s worth the price. If you don’t know how to pick up one from the mass, below are our selections for you.


5 Best Portable Clothes Dryers to Buy


Manatee Portable Clothes Dryer 1200W Electric Laundry Drying Rack

clothes-dryer-1.jpg· Anion Sterilize Garments Dryer : (ANION – Bad Ion) Sanitizing Garments Dryer which is helping the dryer blank the garments save you inflicting mildew spores, pollen, odors, micro organism, viruses, Mud and different risky airborne debris

· Huge Capability Options 15 KG of Garments in 1 dry, Smart temperature Keep watch over, Totally get rid of overheating coincidence which be sure safeness

· Foldable and Simple to Retailer and store house, Modes : Fast dry and Environment friendly Mode, FREE Wi-fi Far off Keep watch over perform inside 8 meters

· Operating the Transportable dryer is not going to value you a variety of cash both, with no gasoline line and with minimum Energy it is going to value you a fragment of a regular dryer. Set the timer or simply set to “ON” and you are going to have dry Garments very quickly




clothes-dryer-2.jpgDr. Dry Portable Clothing Dryer

· Lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble. The Dr. Dry portable dryer is the ultimate space saver

· Does not damage clothing like traditional tumble dryers, suitable for every type garment.

· Powerful but quiet motor, will dry your clothes and without noise.

· No vent or special outlet needed.

· 2 Year warranty.




clothes-dryer-3.jpgPanda Portable Ventless Folding Clothes Dryer

· Panda is Top Brand in Washing Machine /Dryer Category

· Provides various choices for your need with excellent quality and customer service

· PAN82PD is 2016 new model

· Easy to assemble and disassemble. No Vent or special outlet needed

· 120V outlet, plug anywhere you like. Energy saver.Perfect for Apartments, Dorms, Travel. Space Saver.




Simple Living Products Electric Portable Clothing Dryer

clothes-dryer-4.jpg· ✔ DRIES CLOTHES IN 30 MINUTES. 0-180-Minute Timer. Safety Shutoff Function. 2 internal racks for Fast, Efficient and Reliable Clothes Drying.

· ✔CONVENIENT INDOOR PORTABLE CLOTHES DRYER. Dryer rack can be used almost ANYWHERE. Small Spaces, Apartments, Dorm Rooms, Hotels, Gyms, Studios, Offices, RVs, Boats, Houses and MUCH MORE.

· ✔ CLOTHES DRYING RACK CAN DRY EVERYTHING. Ideal for all kinds of garments including DELICATES. Shirts, Dresses, Underwear, Socks, Baby Clothes, Uniforms, Sports Gear, Shoes and Towels.

· ✔ COMPACT ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYER. Mini Drying Rack is extremely compact with 4wheels. Its Lightweight and can be assembled in 10 Minutes. Money & Time saving appliance for everyone.

· ✔ QUIET CLOTHING DRYER. Electric Clothes Hanger Rack is Powerful but QUIET. Dries clothes Quickly and Quietly. Holds up to 15KG of Clothing Per Load.




clothes-dryer-5.jpgDella Compact Electric Portable Clothing Dryer Rack 

· Convenient alternative to drying your clothes without any hassle, also saving you time and money

· Remote control included for conveniently setting up your dryer and relaxing while your clothes dry

· Holds up to 15KG of Clothing Per Load

· Our portable clothes dryer is the most reliable, efficient, and powerful portable dryer available

· 2 internal racks for Fast efficient and reliable clothes drying



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