Cute Baby Halloween Costumes For Your Baby

Author:Angela | TIME:February 07,2018

Part 1 Why need a baby halloween costumes 

Part 2 Amazon best baby costumers

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Part 1.Why need a baby halloween costumes

Oh baby, you look so beautiful! Your little one may have no idea;what Halloween is all about, but his or her first costume is cause for much excitement.You have a very short time of being able to dress your kid up for Halloween -- the way you want. By the time they're two or three -- they have a very clear mission of what they want to be.

And it's those baby Halloween costumesthat get the most surprises, giggles and prizes at costume parties. So with that in mind (and fantastic pictures for their high school yearbook), here are some funny and adorable baby Halloween costumes you can have for your baby.

Part 2.Amazon best baby costumers

1.Peacock Baby



There are so many ways this sweet little number could be played out. If you want to DIY it, you definitely don’t have to use the exact same coloured tights and bodysuit as the picture’s details. Use your imagination or what’s already in your drawers!

2.Dragon Baby



Instead of breathing fire and eating people, this one drools saliva and eats bananas. If you DIY it, all you need for this one are some sponges, a bodysuit, cap and a glue gun.




Looks delicious? Haha, this lobster cute Halloween costumeswill make your baby stand out.

4. Superheroes



Halloween lets your kids feel invincible by having them dressed up as their own superheroes. Let them dream up their own super powers and help design an emblem for their costume.


5. Ice Cream Cone



This one looks tasty and funny! You can try it on you kids.

  • Realistic ice cream cone costume

  • Size: toddler 2t-4t

  • 100% Polyester

  • Comfortable and fun dessert role play


6. Baby Hot Dog Halloween Costume



Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog! I can't let the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song stuck in my head permanently! Well, your newest addition probably isn't ready for that yet, but you can dress her up for Halloween as a hot dog. This hot dog costume will make you want to eat your baby's cheeks, just this once. Bonus points to parents who sport the mustard Halloween costume and the ketchup Halloween costume!


Above all, do you find your favorite costume for your baby? Or you have some other family Halloween costumes ideas, you can share with us!

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