How to Select An Electric Bass Guitar

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Are you looking to buy an electric bass guitar? But how can you tell if a bass guitar is a quality one? If you are an experience bass player, you may be able to tell even a slight difference between two guitars, let alone the quality. However, if you don’t know too much about electric bass, it’s easy to get talked into buying what the seller sells.


Nevertheless, rest assured because in this article we will talk about how to choose a quality electric bass guitar. After reading this purchase guide, you will know what key elements you should pay attention to.


Key Factors to Consder While Buying An Electric Bass Guitar


Your Budget: While making a budget for the acoustic bass guitar, you should make it clear that whether the guitar is for beginner or experienced players. No matter which it may be, it is good to choose an affordable and cost-effective product.


Bass Construction & Design: The construction of the bass is very important, so make sure you’ve known it well enough. At least, you should know the name of each part and what their functions are, as well as how they work.


Bass Necks: The electric bass guitar necks are built in three types: bolt-on neck, set neck and thru-body neck. Each of the three names indicates how the neck attaches to the bass body. Most basses are designed with bolt-on necks that are bolted onto the body.


Bass Scale Lengths: The scale of the bass refers to the length between the nut (the notched piece between the fretboard and the headstock) and bridge where the strings are anchored at the tail end of the body. Most bass guitars apply a scale length of 34" while there are short-scale basses at 30" and long-scale at 35".


Bass Bridges: The strings of an electric bass guitar terminate at the bridge, where their vibrations are transmitted to the body creating the resonance and tone that the pickups capture and amplify. These strings pass over notches (bridge saddles) that you can move up and down to adjust the action, or forward and back to adjust the intonation. There are three different bridge types on most electric bass guitars: through-bridge, string-through body, bridge and tailpiece combination.


Electric Bass Body: There are two types of bass body: Solidbody and Hollowbody. Solidbody are often made of a solid piece of wood—alder, maple, swamp ash, mahogany, or some other wood that transfers vibration well. Hollowbody basses are lighter but are more limited in the volume they can produce. 


Bass Strings: Most bass guitars have are four-string type which is better for beginners. Five-string or six-string basses are usually used by experienced players.


Bass Tonewoods: The type of body wood of the bass guitar has an impact on the tone and resonance. There are many types of tonewood including alder, agathis, ash, basswood, mahogany, and maple.



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Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit 

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Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar


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