Facebook Search Tutorial: Tools to Help You Look for People on Facebook

Author:Jake | TIME:November 08,2017

The famous social network website - Facebook provides a variety of different search pages and tools, which makes it a little complex for newbies to use Facebook search to look for people. Not surprisingly, most people just use the basic search engine that requires users to sign into their Facebook account first. And then the user can make use of Facebook's query filters such as searching in groups, friend's posts and places.


That's the traditional way to search for people; however, there are some other ways on Facebook search for people without loggin in your Facebook account. And below we will show you how to look for people who have public profiles on Facebook by using the Facebook find friends search pages.

Facebook search for people without loggin


New Search Option

Since early 2013, Facebook has introduced a new kind of search interface called Graph Search that was thought to gradually replace the traditional search filters with all-new filters. Yet, this Facebook search option is being rolled out gradually and not everyone has access to it. It may though be required to use it in the near future. 

Look for People on Facebook Search

The basic and traditional Facebook search method is still being used by most peopel. But you can do more than a basic scattershot Facebook people search by signing into your Facebook account and then go to the main Facebook search page. The query box should say in gray letters inside, search for people, places and things that you want.

The basic search engine of Facebook should work well if you know the name of someone you're looking for. But there are a lot of people on the network, which may be a challenge to find the right person. But it is easier and faster than many of other methods. You just need to enter the name into the search box and you will get the list where you can find the right person. Click on the name and you are able to view their Facebook profiles.


Find People Using Facebook Search Filters

On the left sidebar of the Facebook interface, there is a long list of the available search filters that you can use to narrow your query to the exact type of content you're seeking. It makes it easier to look for a person, a group, place, content in a friend's post on Facebook.

You just need to type in your query term, and then click the tiny spyglass icon on the right of the box to start your search. By default, it will show results from all available categories. But you can narrow those results after you have them all listed there. You can get that by simply clicking on a category name from the list in the left sidebar.

If you click a filter name, the info below the search box will change to reflect what type of content you're searching for. If you click the "people" filter, Facebook will suggest a list of "people you may know" based on your mutual friends on the network. And each time you type a query in the box at the top of the page, the results are designed to help you find people on Facebook, not groups or posts. The filter will remain till you click another filter type.

Additional Filters for Facebook People Search

After you run a Facebook search using the People filter, you'll see a new set of filters that are specific to looking for people on Facebook. By default, the Location filter appears with a small box inviting you to type in the name of a city or region. Click the "add another filter" link to refine your people search by education (type in the name of a college or school) or workplace (type in the name of a company or employer.) The education filter also lets you specify the year or years that someone attended a particular school.


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