How to Get FaceTime for Android

Author:Jake | TIME:November 14,2017

FaceTime is a well-known video calling app that is widely used by iOS users. It has so many features that many Android users are wondering if they can also have the chance to get a FaceTime for Android. But to the best of my knowledge, FaceTime is sole to iOS and so far Apple has not developed FaceTime app for Android, though it had originally said that it planned to make FaceTime an open standard.


Android is open source and allows for a lot of customization by users but it also required cooperation from third parties to add features and customizations. Nevertheless, FaceTime is compatible with Android in theory given that it uses standard audio, video, and networking technologies. However, to carry it out, either Apple would need to release an official version for Android or developers would need to create a compatible app. Developers probably won't be able to create a compatible app since FaceTime is encrypted end to end and creating a compatible FaceTime app would require breaking that encryption or having Apple open it. As for Apple, it is at war with Google for the market share of mobile.


Therefore, you won't expect a compromising solution to use FaceTime and Android together, just as the case for FaceTime on Windows is not possible. That means, your dream for FaceTime for Android may be a dream forever.


Yet, don't lose hope ever, here is a good news: It's true that there is not and will not be an Android version of FaceTime app, but FaceTime is just a video-calling app, and there are many other apps that offer the thing as FaceTime. And what's more important, they are all compatible with Android and can be downloaded from Google Play for free. Below I will introduce you five best alternatives to FaceTime for Android.


Top 5 Alternatives to FaceTime For Android

> Facebook Messenger

Cost: Free

Platform: Android, iOS, web
Download Facebook Messenger at Google Play

Messenger is the standalone app version of Facebook's web-based messaging feature. You can use it to video call and chat with your Facebook friends. Besides, this app also allows for voice calling (free if you do it over Wi-Fi), text chat, multimedia messages, and group chats. 


> WhatsApp

Cost: Free app, first year free, $0.99/year after that
Platform: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Nokia, Windows Phone, web
Download WhatsApp at Google Play

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app nowadays. And ever since Facebook bought it for US$19 billion in 2014, it has more than 1 billion monthly users. WhatsApp offers a lot of wonderful features such as free app-to-app voice and video calls worldwide, sending recorded audio messages and text messages, group chats, and sharing photos and videos. The first year of using the app is free and subsequent years are only $0.99.  


> Viber 

Cost: Free app, in-app purchases, landline and mobile calls are paid 
Platform: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows
Download Viber at Google Play

Viber ticks practically every box for an app in this category. It offers free video and voice calls, text chat with individuals and groups up to 200 people, sharing photos and videos, and even in-app games. In-app purchases let you add stickers to spice up your communications. Please note that only Viber-to-Viber calls are free while calling to landlines and mobiles is paid.


> Line

Cost: Free app, outbound international calls are paid 
Platform: Android, Asha, BlackBerry, Chome OS, Firefox OS, iOS, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone 
Download Line at Google Play

In addition to common features such as video and voice call, text chat and group texts, Line differs from other apps with its social networking features (you can post statuses, comment on friend's statuses, follow celebrities and brands, etc.), mobile payment platform, and paid international calls (check rates), rather than free. 




> Skype

Cost: Free app, calls to landlines and mobiles, and international calls, are paid
Platform: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone
Download Skype at Google Play

Despite of other new apps, Skype is still one of the most popular and most widely used video calling apps. It offers both voice and video calls, text chat, screen and file sharing, etc. The biggest advantage of this alternative of FaceTime for Android is its support for a wider range of devices, including some smart TVs and game consoles. The app is free, but calls to landlines and mobile phones, as well as international calls, are paid as you go or by subscription.


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