File Folder Help you with a Tidy Working Space

Author:Chan | TIME:September 14,2018

Have you ever found yourself flooded in mountainous files and spent hours searching for the specific one you need? Have you ever felt tired of facing a great mess of files on your office desk? A messy office of piles of files not only disappoints you but also influences your efficiency. A file folder is great and essential in school, office or at home. With a file organizer, you could put all your files away according to time, subject, types, etc and leave labels on it for easy search afterward. Some might think that they could choose any file folder. However, as a file folder is used to not only store files but also protect the important or confidential paper, it must be made of waterproof and durable material in case of the loss of important information. This passage goes through all kinds of file folders available and finds out some of the best one for you, including common file folder, file folder with a flap or hanging file folder.

Pendaflex File Folder

Pendaflex File Folder

Pendaflex File Folder is a typical of Manila folder which is acknowledged to be the first choice of file organizer. Manila folder has been known as durable and practical so that it would survive in repeated and long-term use at home or in offices. This file folder applies eco-friendly and reusable material, preventing unnecessary use. It is in letter size with three evenly distributed tag positions so that users could easily find it through the labels. It helps you organize your files according to types, time or whatever order you like. This file organizer cost less and could be expanded as your files accumulate. You will receive 100 file folders in each box. Piling up a few boxes to make a home for your numerous files and spare more space.   

AmazonBasics Expanding File Folder

AmazonBasics Expanding File Folder

An extended file folder could save more files and documents than a single-page paper organizer. This AmazonBasics Expanding File Folder, made of poly material, contains neither acid nor PVC so that it could perfectly prevent your file from water or damages. There are 13 separate pockets with labels on top of each pocket, able to accommodate as much as 900 pieces of paper in letter size. Files could be clearly sorted out and found at a glance. The flap and core closure will prevent files from falling out when you take it around.

AmazonBasics Pressboard Classification File Folder

AmazonBasics Pressboard Classification File Folder 

This is another classic file folder from AmazonBasics. It is made of 25 pt. pressboard covers and 17 pt. kraft dividers, able to accommodate letter-size paper. There are two dividers inside the file folder in case that different types of documents pile up together, adding difficulty to looking for files. Each folder is divided into 6 filing zones with six fasteners. This file organizer takes up little space on your desk. Even if it is stretched, it requires only another 2 inches. It is designed for storing and securing medical, legal, or other administrative files or for personal use. The green color would easily cheer you up. 

mazonBasics Hanging File Folder

AmazonBasics Hanging File Folder

This is a hanging file folder designed for drawers or walls. By hanging them in the drawer, you could easily take out any file folder as files accumulate horizontally rather than vertically. The file folder is made up of recycled materials and post-consumer material, which makes it environmentally friendly and durable. Each file organizer is equipped with a rod tip for easier gliding back and forth to look for an old file or put in a new file. There come plastic tabs and replaceable white inserts for users to personalize their own labels. If you place an order, you will receive 25 AmazonBasics Hanging File Folders and each of them is in letter size. 

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File Folder Help you with a Tidy Working Space