How to Fix Process COM Android MMS Has Stopped Error on Android?

Author:Jake | TIME:October 30,2017

For the last 2 days I have read and researched typical problems related to this error message: "Sorry the application Message (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force Close". I have tried any solution I've found, but am still unable to resolve the issue. I can only attribute the problem to deleting a few bloatapps, namely Social Hub... as it seems everything went sideways after uninstalling.


In addition to SMS (Short Message Service), you can also use MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) to keep in touch with your families, friends and anyone you know, as long as you have their phone numbers. However, there are chances that you could come across the error saying: "Sorry the application Message (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force Close".


So what is com Android MMS? Actually it is a package name. All android apps have a package name (as well as use potentially many package names internally). Package names are used to differentiate apps that have the same name (and to organize source code internally). When an app is installed on the Android device, the app is placed to this path (.../com/android/mms/). That is why the package looks backwards, so that apps that share the beginning portions of the package name can be near each other (like .../com/android/plus/, or whatever). And in general, you are not able to browse through this section of the file system without rooting the Android device.


Solutions to COM Android MMS Error

Nevertheless, once you are encountered with this com android mms error, you are not able to read or send text messages on this Android phone. So you may try below methods to check if they can fix the problem.


Method 1: Restart Your Android Phone

The most direct and easiest way is to restart the Android phone. Although restarting the device does not always fix everything, it does sometimes help solve many problems you may encounter with Android. You can power off and then power on the device. And if the phone is frozen, you can follow below:


1. Press the phone’s sleep of power button for few seconds. After you hold down the power button for few seconds, it will ask you if you want to turn off the device.

2. Don’t release the power button and keep holding down the power button till the phone shuts down and the screen goes off.

3. Once the phone is off, you can now release the power button.

4. Now start the phone again by holding down the power button till the phone screen comes on.



Method 2: Delete All Messages and Clear Caches to Free Up Space

The lack of storage may also lead to the “process” error. Therefore, you can try deleting all messages and clear caches on your Android so as to free up space. You can delete messages and clear caches manually, but it takes time and it’s not complete. You may do this by using cFone Android Data Eraser. This erasing app is perfect when you need to erase Android for resale or giveaway. With this software, you can one click clear Android data without recovery possibility.



Method 3: Reset Android to Factory Settings

Factory reset can solve a lot of problems you have with Android. The procedure of different device can be a little different, but they are generally almost the same. And you can refer to below steps to perform a factory reset on Android. Below we take Samsung Galaxy S7 as an example.


1. Tap the Settings icon from your home screen or app drawer

2. Swipe up to scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu.

3. Tap Backup and reset.

4. Swipe up to scroll down

factory reset to fix com android mms issue 


5. Tap Factory data reset.

6. Tap Reset phone.

7. Tap Erase everything.

factory reset erase Android data


Your phone will reboot and you'll have to go through the initial start up again before you're able to restore your data. Since this will erase data on your Android device, there is a need for you to backup Android data in case of any accident. And cFone Android Data Transfer is a great tool that helps you easily backup all data or backup data selectively. For more info on backing up Android, you can refer to: How to Backup Android Phone with LG Transfer Tool.


Nevertheless, the above three methods should fix the process COM Android MMS issue. If neither works out, you might need to go to the repair store or customer service of carrier.

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