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Author:Livia | TIME:October 13,2017

Find My iPhone plays a very important features of iPhone as well as other iOS devices when they need to track their lost or stolen iPhone. If something wrong happens in find my iPhone settings or iphone log in, it is hard to imagine that your found that after you just lost your iPhone, In order to take precautions of this situation, iPhone users need to read this article to ensure how to fix out your unworkable find my iPhone.


At the first of beginning, you need to know how to set up Find my iPhone on iPhone settings.


1.Go to "Settings”.


2. For iOS users with version is 10.2 or earlier, tap "iCloud" ; For iOS users version is higher than 10.2, click "your name", then tap on "Find my iPhone”


3. Click "Find My iPhone”.


4.Slide on "Find My iPhone" and "Send Last Location" to turn them on.


5. Sign in your Apple ID if it requires.


What`s more, Apple watch or AirPods can also set up itself.


Method1.Ensure the correct Date & Time settings


If you have set a incorrect date and time settings and used on your lost iPhone, your Find my iPhone is unable to work. Before it happens, you need to follow the route below to ensure your Date & Time settings.


Open "Settings”->> Tap "General”->> Click "Date & Time”->> Reset it into a correct one if it is wrong.


Method2. Remember to turn on Location Services on your iPhone


If your iPhone GPS connection is off or you are in a weak network connection, it is hardly for Find my iPhone to work.


Open "Settings"->> Click "Privacy"->> Click "Location Services"->> Check it works or not.


Method3. Fetch New Data or Enable Push

It is important and effect for iPhone users fetch new data in every 15-30 minutes interval, especially whose iPhone have just lot. If you have not lose your iPhone yet, getting the latest update on location will helps you a lot.


Open "Settings”->> Choose files such as mail, contacts, calendars->>Tap "Fetch New Data”->> Switch on "Push" or also set Fetch new data to every 15 to 30 minutes. If you have set the Fetch feature to manual function, it may cause Find My iPhone fail to work.


Tips. Back up your iPhone files with iPhone data transfer before it got lost.

1.Download, install and lauch cFone iPhone Data Transfer to your Windows or Mac;

2. Connect your iPhone 8 with a cable to the PC, choose  "Content to Computer" (Content to Mac).


3. Select file target types you want to backup, for example the videos, photos.


4. Tap on the Arrow button to transfer your target files iPhone 8 to the computer.


5."Transfer Completed" shows up, it means the transfer is completed and you can select any files to view on the PC.


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