Funny Baby Costumes For Your Little One

Author:Angela | TIME:February 01,2018

Hey! It’s 2018 now! Folks. Whether you’re ready or not, new year is fully upon us, and that means it’s time to start hunting down the perfect baby costumesEven though it’s not Halloween, our baby still can rock cute world.


The great part about adults’ costumes is that a little face paint or a Halloween-themed manicure will get you by. But if you’re a parent, you’re in the market for something for your little one, too. And it’s a little harder to pass off a last minute costume for your baby bundle of joy.


So with a little help from our friends, we’ve collected a few cute baby costumes ideas for your little one, scroll down for our 5 picks for funniest baby costumes:

1. Burrito


Swaddle your cute chick in a “tortilla” blanket and stuff some play food inside for the cutest burrito you’ve ever gad. A layer of foil around their legs adds a comical final touch.


2. Baby Bear


I’m really fond of this idea, you can search for one that is bearlike, cute, cozy, and simple outfit. You can also add small honey pot, a “don’t feed the bear” sign, or just let your little one’s cuteness shine!


3. Cupid


Cupid is the little Roman god known for playing with people's hearts. He's brought sweethearts together and caused mischief with his little arrow. No doubt your little one will steel hearts in this costume, as well.


4. Baby's Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume


If you’re short of ideas this year, why not give your baby a costume an Italian classics? This spaghetti and meatballs dress gives your little one a crowd-pleaser of a costume.


5. Ear of Corn Bunting Baby Costume


This one is just simple and silly. This ear of corn bunting outfit is perfect for a harvest party, or perhaps the perfect match to your farmer costume. Isn’t that funny?


Above all, which one do you like? Or you have some other ideas for your baby, we are here just to give you some inspirations.


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