Google Adds Data Transfer Tool To Google Play but Does Not Transfer Data for Every Phone

Author:Admin | TIME:July 06,2017

Recently, Google has added a new useful app to Google Play Store, which may draw a lot of attention. The app is named Data Transfer Tool. If you haven’t used it or read about it, you can still make a guess that it allows users to transfer data. But transfer from where to where? Here I would like to talk about the Data Transfer Tool so you can know more about it.


The Data Transfer Tool which is developed by Google, is a phone to phone data transfer app that help users to transfer data from one phone to another phone. However, the app is not compatible with each smartphone available in the market. From the description we can learn that this is a system app that will be automatically installed on your smartphone. Therefore, this could make us wonder whether it is a system app for the Google Pixel 2 only.


The Google Pixel which has been launched does not have this data transfer app installed, but the Google Pixel 2 is very likely to be equipped with it. And according to the news, the Pixel 2 will on sale starting from October. And if you can remember, the fisrt Pixel was a version that made it easier to transfer data over from another Android phone or even a phone running different operating system - the iPhone. So it is not surprising that Google will continue this and build a better device; after all, none of the smartphone has made transferring data across phone satisfying enough, at least for now. If this is true, it will certainly boost competitiveness of the coming Pixel 2, thus increasing more sales.


Data Transfer Tool for All Smartphones

It is true that this Data Transfer Tool makes it easier to transfer from other phone devices to the Pixel 2; however, it is not compatible with all smartphones. Besides, what if you have already decided to buy other model rather than Pixel, for example, Galaxy S8 or iPhone 8? Then this app may not be helpful. So is there a way or some app that allows to transfer data from phone to phone regardless of brands or even operating system?


The answer may lie in cFone Mobile Transfer. cFone Mobile Transfer is an all-in-one transfer app that enables you to transfer data between all smartphones: Google, Samsung, Sony, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, ZTE, Motorola, HTC, LG, etc. You are able to transfer different kinds of data including contacts, SMS messages, photos, videos, music and apps.




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How to Transfer Data from Phone to Phone using Mobile Transfer?


Before you get started, please download cFone Mobile Transfer and then install the app on your computer. There are two versions for both Windows and Mac. And after installation, please follow below steps to transfer data from Android to iPhone or vice versa.

Step 1: Connect Phones to Computer

After you start cFone Mobile Transfer on your computer, you will need to connect both mobile phones to the computer via USB cables.

transfer data from phone to phone 

Step 2: Choose Data Types

Now you should choose data types that you want to transfer. This phone to phone data transfer tool allows you to choose specific files instead of all data.

transfer data from phone to phone 

Step 3: Transfer Data

After you choose the data types, you can click the “Start Copy” button to start to transfer data from Android to iPhone or vice versa.

transfer data from phone to phone

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