How to Set Up Google Alerts

Author:Jake | TIME:November 09,2017

Interested in specific news, topics or events? But not knowing how to get the latest info of that? You can set up Google Alerts to track particular topics. Once you set up a Google Alert, Google will automatically deliver news and information on any topic you may be interested in. For example, if you are an Apple fan who love everything about Apple products like iPhone X, Apple Watch and Mac, you will be alerted of any news about Apple and its product once you set up Google Alerts. And below we will show you how to do this.


set up Google Alerts

How to set up Google Alerts

To set up a Google Alert, you can follow below steps:

1 Launch your web browser and navigate to the Google News page, click on the news alerts link.

2 Define the topic by setting any number of keywords and phrases that retrieved items need to have, the type of news you want, how often you want it, and the email address you'd like to receive these alerts at. 

3 Wait until your Google account is verified and once verified, you have access to Google's news tracker as well as many other cool stuffs including Google Groups, Answers, and Web APIs.

4 Go ahead and sign in and further personalize your news tracking.

Once you have the Google Alert set up, Google will send you Google news alerts that you have chosen to your email inbox, at the rate you want, from once a day, once a week, or as the news happens. And you should start seeing information in your email inbox on whatever time basis you've designated.

And now you don't need to search for the topic on Google or anywhere it might be. Instead, you'll get information delivered to you automatically. You can even set up a Google alert to notify you if your own name is mentioned online via news or websites.

What if I want to stop the Google Alerts?

If you don't want to receive news emails of a specific topic, you can stop following the relevant Google Alert. You just need to simply navigate back to the Google Alerts page, find the feed you're following, and then click the trashcan icon. That's it, easy to set up and easy to stop.


Read Google Alerts on iPhone or Android

With Gmail app installed on your iPhone or Android Smartphone, you can read these Google Alerts anytime and anywhere instead of having to be seated in front of the computer. Just go to App Store or Google Play to download the Gmail app and set it up on your iPhone or Android phone. And if you don't have a Gmail account yet, you will need to first get a Gmail sign up.


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