How to Sign In Windows Live Hotmail?

Author:Jake | TIME:November 06,2017

Hotmail is one of the earliest email services, with its first launch in the late nineties and was the first pioneering public email service on the Internet. And since it was free to use, it has been used by a lot of users across the world to keep in touch with each other easily. With a Hotmail account, one can use the service anywhere on any device with Internet connected.


And ever since started, Hotmail was soon taken over by Microsoft. Hotmail existed as a separate and distinct email domain for several years before it was brought together under the Microsoft Outlook domain in recent times. Through the past years, there has been changes on this email service. If you have seen the old versions of Hotmail, you might notice that the interface is not different from the present one. And updates have been being made. Therefore, once might not know how to use this email service, for example, Hotmail sign in. Below we will show you how to use Hotmail, including sign up and sign in.

hotmail sign in


Hotmail sign up

If you don’t have a Hotmail email account yet, you can sign up for a new account. And below are the steps to create a new Hotmail email address:

1 Go to Microsoft Outlook website or type in which will redirect you to Outlook website.

2 Then you will see the Create new account button.

3 Next, you can choose the domain address.

4 Fill out the required information for signing up for Hotmail account and you can also complete other details.

hotmail sign up 


Hotmail sign in

Once you’ve already have an existing Hotmail account, yoiu can follow below steps to sign into your account:

1 Type in on your web browser address bar and you will be redirected to the Live domain of Microsoft.

2 Here you will find the sign in options for any Microsoft account. As Hotmail comes under Microsoft, you can use your Hotmail account details to log into your account.

3 If you have forgotten your login details, you can use the help link to get the help and ask for to Hotmail account login details.

sign in hotmail 

And if you’ve recently created a new Hotmail address, you can sign into your new account by  following below steps:

1 Log onto or Live domain of Microsoft.

2 You will be presented with the log in panel on the front page.

3 Here you can sign in with the email address you’ve just created.

4 And then you will be prompted to enter the password in the consecutive page.

5 In case you want to do away with the password, there is an option to receive a unique identification number or code in a registered phone number. This can be keyed in to access one’s account.


Above are the tutorials for Windows live Hotmail sign in. You can refer to them if you could not find the way to sign in your Hotmail account.


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