Hotmail Sign Up - How to Create A New Hotmail Account for Android and iPhone

Author:Jake | TIME:November 03,2017

If you want a professional email account to keep in touch with others, for personal use, work or business, you can give a shoot on Microsoft’s Hotmail or Outlook. A Microsoft Outlook email account can be used to keep up with not only your email but also Office, One Drive, and other Microsoft services. It is really very cool and once you get started, you will find there is not too much difficulty with a Hotmail sign up.


hotmail sign up create account

Just like many other email services, the Hotmail is easily accessible on not only Windows and Mac computers, but also on mobile devices like Android, iPhone and iPad. You can choose to sign in Hotmail using web browser or an email app that can be found on Google Play or App Store. And the Hotmail email account you created will be your Windows live ID. And with this Hotmail account, you can unlock the potential features provided by Microsoft. The pleasing fact is that these services can be easily accessed from your mobile phone and tablets.


Below we will show you how to sign up for Hotmail so you can use the email account on different platforms. You can follow below steps.


How to make a complete Hotmail sign up?

Hotmail offers a professional email and calendar app that you can use to access inbox across multiple platforms including desktops and mobile devices, as long as you’ve finished the hotmail com sign up. This email service, which is also your Microsoft account, gives you the power to access a lot of Microsoft services. You can access your account through a browser: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, or Safari.



Step 1: Launch your web browser and navigate to the Microsoft Hotmail sign up page:


Step 2: Input your personal Information: Next is to enter your personal information in the fields provided; your name, birthdate, and gender.


Step 3: Choose a unique Username: In the “Username” field, type your desired email address or click “Get a new email address” to re-enter a username that is not already being used by another person. Once you have successfully created a unique username, a drop-down list will appear to the right of the username field, select or from the list of items.


Step 4 : Set your email password: You will be required to set a password for your Hotmail email. You will need to enter this trice for verification purposes. If you chose to get a new email, whatever you type in this field will become the password for your new account.


Step 5: Select your "Country/ Region" from the field provided and choose from the list of countries. Next, enter your postal code information in the respective field.


Step 6: Protect your information: You will need to enter your country code, your phone number (in the case you have lost or forgotten your password), an alternate email address and you are also required to complete the CAPTCHA (determines if you are a human or a machine).


Step 7: Once you have successfully completed the above-mentioned steps, proceed to Agree to Microsoft’s Terms of Servicing and Privacy Policy by checking the box at the bottom of the page and then click on the “Create account” button.


Step 8: After you are done with the Hotmail sign up procedure, you will be directed to the welcome page indicating that your account has been successfully created.


If you are an individual with multiple devices; laptop, tablets, smart camera, and more, you will find that there is a great need to access your personal information on any device, whenever and wherever you want it. With your Hotmail account, you are able to access Microsoft’s OneDrive.

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