How do i delete kik on iPad iPhone

Author:Livia | TIME:October 20,2017

When you don`t need to use kik, delete the kik app from your iPhone or iPad doesn`t mean you delete it forever. If you don`t want your kik information exist, you also need to delete your kik account to insurant the security of your privacy. Today we are going to talk about how do I delete kik on iPad or iPhone, including delete kik pics, kik messages as well as kik account.


Part1. How do I delete kik messages on iPad or iPhone

This is the necessary choice for most of kik users, no matter if you need to save the space or no longer to use kik.


1.Open Kik application on iPhone or iPad, all the conversations and contacts will show out. Choose the conversation and the contacts that you need to delete then swipe it to the left.


2.When you swipe the conversation, a red Delete button will pop out. Click it and that conversation will be deleted.


Part2. How do I delete kik conversations entirely on iPhone or iPad


This is much available for those no longer want to use kik, and it is helpful to protect your privacy as well as your kik friends.


1.Open Kik application on iPhone or iPad, find and tap the "Settings" button.


2. Look for and tap on Your Account on the setting page.


3. Tap "Logout" when a new page pops out, then click Yes in the next new pop out page, all of your chat history will be deleted.


Part3. How do I delete my kik account on iPhone or iPad


1.Navigate to to apply to delete your kik account.


2.Enter the email address that you took to signed up your kik account.


Part4. How do I delete all kik messages completely through


In order to avoid someone else to use some third part time recover tools to recover your Kik messages, including the conversations, pictures, contacts. We highly recommend you to consider about using cFone iOS Data Eraser to delete your kik messages completely through. You can have a free trial such as using to delete the safari history->> how to delete history on safari.

1.Download, install and launch iOS Data Eraser on a computer, then connect your iPhone or iPad with it.

2. Click "Erase Private Fragments" on the left side of the screen.


3. Click "Start Scan" and wait


4. Choose "Kik" then click “Erase Now” , your Kik messages will be deleted soon forever on your iPad or iPhone soon.



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