How do you delete games on iDevice

Author:Livia | TIME:November 17,2017

Despite of using our smart iDevice to call, text and take photos, the powerful App store also offers us to download the varies of apps if we need. We can download many kinds of game apps to get more fun such as Pokemon and Minecraft. However, sometimes we will be alerted that our storage is almost full. In this case, you will need to considerate about delete some useless apps or data in your iDevice, games are the big parts that can take lots of spaces in your iDevice and you will need to delete games on iDevice.


How to delete games on iDevice?


Take iPad or iPhone as an example, Apple allows users to delete apps directly on iPad. Dleleting games on iPad is not a sort of hard thing, here are the steps for you about how to delete games on iPad directly.

1.Locate and ensure which game you need to delete. Hold on the icon with your finger till a small cross icon shows out and tap it.


2.Then a dialog box will appear asking if you are sure to delete the game. Click “delete” so you can easily delete game on your iPad.

How to delete games on iDevice from iPad across Settings:

The Setting on your iPad or iPhone is available for users to solve the problem of how to delete games.  Follow the steps below to delete games on your iPad.

1.Open Setting -> General -> Usage option.

2.Tap show all Apps to get the list of the apps in your iPad or iPhone.

3.Choose any of the games you want to delete. A new screen will show up with a “Delete App” option.

4.Click “Delete App” to delete games completely. Thus, this is how to delete games on iPad.


How to delete games on iDevice permanently?


Even if you have delete the data or apps such as game on your iPad or iPhone, sometimes the annoyed message of storage alert still endless. The point is that there are unwanted junk files stored on your iPad or iPhone. These kind of files can be created by different Games and remain on your memory even if you have deleted the games. You don`t have to panic, with cFone iOS Data Eraser, you can easily delete games on iPad forever with several clicks!


Step1.Download, install and launch an available PC with cFone iOS Data Eraser.


Step2.Connect your iPhone to the computer.


Step3.Choose “1 click free up space” and click "Scan" then choose “Junk files” and tap "clean".



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