Delete instagram account step by step

Over the recent several years, Instagram is one of the most popular social communicate Apps that is used as a chatting, sharing, picture editing as long as you have an Instagram account. However, when you are sharing your excellent picture on Instagram, your privacy or some important information will be given away unconsciously. If you think it is not safe for you to use Instagram, you can choose to share the picture without location, tag anybody or any details of your privacy. Some will prefer choose to delete Instagram account permanently. So let`s talk about getting rid of instagram account permanently or temporarily, which you may be interested in the future when you need.


Method1. Permanently delete Instagram account


If you choose to delete your instagram account permanently,  you will be not able to log into it anymore because you delete your current instagram account forever.

1. Go to Instagram official website

2. Log into your Instagram account with your Windows or Mac.

3. Find and click "Delete your Instagram Account" -> Choose an option to tell them the reason you want to delete it.

4. Enter your password again, then tap "Permanently Delete My Account"

5. After the clicking, your Instagram will be deleted forever.


Method2. Temporarily delete instagram account


Delete instagram account temporarily means you don`t need to use the current instagram account for a while, which enables you can log in again as well as won`t make you lose the friends, fans and the pictures you shared forever. If you choose to delete instagram account for just a while, you can follow the several steps below to make it.

1. Log into your Instagram account and open your profile.

2. Open and edit profile, find“temporarily disabling your account”option.

3.Select the option.


Method3. Delete iPhone Instagram app


If you just don`t want to log in your Instagram account and do something else, you can just delete the Instagram App on your iPhone, which means you don`t need to log into the website, as well as make the similar effect as delete Instagram account temporarily.


1. In your iPhone screen, find where is your Instagram App is

2. Hold the Instagram App for several seconds, then you will see a picture as below.


3. Select the option delete.

Method4. Delete instagram account permanently with cFone iOS data eraser


With the cFone iOS data eraser, you will be able to delete any messages and privacy information in your iDevice without any worries. Now just take several easy steps, you can permanently delete instagram account.


1. Download, install and launch cFone iOS data eraser

2. Connect your iPhone with an avaliable PC, then select iOS Private Data Eraser

3. Scan the private data on your iPhone by clicking "Start Scan" button



4. After choosing the Instagram, click "Erase from the Device"

5. Enter delete in the blanket and choose "erase now".


6. Thus, you can permanently delete your Instagram account and messages.

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