How to add music to iPod nano

Author:Livia | TIME:November 03,2017

As one of the music player, iPod is available for us to save our favorite songs into it and get it with ourselves. Even if there are many other ways for us to storage the songs such as the smart phone or computer, having an iPod will be more convinient for our daily life, especially if you are an althlet or sport lover, cause iPod can play songs during the procedure of doing gym with the feature of small and smart, which enables you to carry along. If you tell me you have a useless iPod Nano cause you don`t know how to add music to it since it was bought, just take your idle iPod nano and follow the tutorials in this article to add up your favorite music!!


Method1. How to add music to iPod Nano with iTunes


This means you need to sync all of your music with iTunes before you adding music to iPod nano.


1.Open and launch to iTunes. Tap "File"-> "Add File to Library" or "Add Folder to Library" (just choose wherever you want your music files to.)


You also have 5 options to choose and here are the main points of the several options.


a.Entire Music Library enables you to sync all the music in your iTunes library to your iPod nano. You can choose this if the storage of your iTunes library is smaller than your nano's.


b. Sync Selected the playlists, artists, albums, and genres widen the arrage of the choices of the music that appears on your iPod Nano. You can easily select which playlists, genres or artists you want in the sections on the iPod Nano`s screen.


c. Include music videos means you can sync videos if you have any video files you want to add to iPod Nano.


d. Include voice memos enables you to sync voice memos if you have any voice memos files you want to add to iPod Nano.


e. Automatically fill free space with songs can make your Nano full.


2.Turn to your music location in the pop-up window, choose the music file or folder you want to add to iPod Nano and tap "OK." Then iTunes will start to import your music.


3.Connect iPod nano to your computer with a USB cable. Because you have synced your iPod Nano with iTunes before, iTunes will add the music to iPod nano automatically. If not, you must add the music manually. We will mention about how to add music to iPod Nano manually in the next method in this article.


4.Choose "Music" and find out the music you want to add to the iPod nano.


5.You can either tap or drag the music file or files to iPod nano icon under "Devices." If you want to choose multiple files, hold "Ctrl" on your keyboard while tapping songs, then drag the files onto the iPod nano.


Thus, you have successfully download or add music to iPod Nano with iTune.


6.Click the "Eject" icon next to "iPod nano" in the "Devices" list to safely remove the nano.


For more clearly, you can watch the videos below to figure out how to add music to iPod Nano better.


Method2. How to manually add music to iPod Nano


If you have not synced your iPod Nano with iTunes, adding music to iPod Nano by iTunes is not workable. Manually add music to the iPod Nano is your choice.


1.Choose Summary tab in the sidebar and ensure Manually manage music and videos.


2.Tap Done and get out of the program.


3.Connect iPod nano to your computer with a USB cable, choose this iPod Nano in the iTunes sidebar then choose the Music tab.


4.Tap on the songs you want to add to iPod Nano, then drag it to the left sidebar to drop it on the iPod nano icon at the top of the sidebar.

With these 2 methods, you can easily add your favorite songs to iPod Nano, which will be no longer idle!

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