How to add watermark in pdf

Author:Alice | TIME:November 15,2017

Watermarks are images or text displayed over the top of or underneath content in your PDF files to indicate information such as who owns the document, who authored it and whether or not its contents are confidential. Adding a watermark to your business’s PDF files adds an air of professionalism and it can also prevent against other parties passing off your work as their own. Adobe Acrobat and PDF Watermark Creator are software solutions that can add watermarks to your PDF documents. PDFaid is a free website with watermarking functionality.

Adding watermark to your PDF documents make sense for two reasons:


1 To claim and protect your intellectual property rights.

2 To mark the document’s temporary status, project phase, or version.

For example, it would help a reviewer to know that the document you’ve sent for review is only the “First Draft” and not the “Final Copy,” or the other way around. With Adobe Acrobat Pro, it’s so easy to add such a watermark either to the whole document or only the selected pages of it. You can actually add different watermark to the different pages of the same document.

How to add watermark in pdf

1 Open your PDF file and go to View > Tools > Pages.


2 In the Edit Page Design subsection, select Watermark > Add Watermark.


3 Specify the Source, Appearance and Position of your watermark print in the following dialog.

In the box beside the Text option, type in the your watermark text, or select an existing source file of your watermark image.

Select the font size, colour, opacity, rotation angle and so on.

In the Appearance Options section, you have a few choices to Show when printing, Show when displaying on screen, or Keep position and size of watermark text consistent when printing on different page sizes.

In the top right corner you have Page Range Options for your watermark and an option below for applying it to multiple PDF attachments.


4 Once all your preferences are set, closely preview your watermark in the adjacent section.

5 Click on OK to save.

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