Back up iPhone 8 in 3 Alternative ways

Author:Livia | TIME:October 11,2017

Speaking of iPhone back up, the reasons of why you back up your iPhone are usually getting back a lost iPhone or prevent the data loss forever carelessly. As it is known to most of iPhone users like you got a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, back up iPhone 8 with iCloud or iTunes are 2 alternative used widely methods. Here we will talk about back up iPhone 8 with iCloud and iTunes briefly, how to back up iPhone with iPhone Data Transfer is the point of today.

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Alternatively 1. Back up iPhone 8 with iCloud


1. Connect your iPhone 8 to a credible Wi-Fi network

2. Open your iPhone 8 Settings > find [Your Name] > tap on iCloud. For iOS 10.2 or earlier users, just simply go to Settings > iCloud.

3. Click "Backup" or "iCloud Backup”, ensure the iCloud Backup is turned on.

4. Select "Back Up Now”, remember to keep your iPhone 8 is connected to the network during the back up process.


Alternatively 2. Back up iPhone 8 with iTunes


1. Log in your iTunes on a Mac or PC, then connect your iPhone 8 with a cable to your computer. Follow the steps after "Trust this Computer”shows up.

2. When your iPhone 8 pops out in iTunes, choose it > select “Back Up Now” , then all you need to do is to wait for the back up process finish. Again, remember to connect your iPhone 8 to the computer during the whole process.


Alternatively 3. Back up iPhone 8 with cFone iPhone Data Transfer


One thing you need to know to back up or restore iPhone 8 files with iCloud or iTunes is that you need to remember the iTunes password, if you don`t remember it, the process won`t be continued. However, it is possible for you to back up or restore your iPhone files without iTunes password, cFone iPhone Data Transfer is the third alternative one without any limitations for iPhone users to back up their iPhone.


1. Download, install and lauch cFone iPhone Data Transfer to your Windows or Mac;

2. Connect your iPhone 8 with a cable to the PC, choose “Content to Computer" (Content to Mac).



3. Select file target types you want to backup, for example the videos, photos.


4. Tap on the Arrow button to transfer your target files iPhone 8 to the computer.



5."Transfer Completed" shows up, it means the transfer is completed and you can select any files to view on the PC.


Thus, you can easily make iPhone 8 back up effectively.

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