How to choose the best rectal thermometer for baby?

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Earlier in forehead and ear thermometer for baby we have mainly showed 5 top of rectal thermometer for baby and kid, and what forehead thermometers can do. A best rectal thermometer can predict baby get fever or coughed, which is also the baby thermometer`s original intention. But most of parents are not clear about the types of forehead thermometer for babies, and how to get the best baby thermometer for different ages.

As the best rectal thermometer for baby, which should including the 4 basic features: accuracy, reliability and without a drama price. Most of vicks thermometer for baby from 9 months old to 4 years old rages from $4.50 to $95. Parents should get the rectal thermometer with reasonable prices offering long-term reliability and high accuracy, which enables parents to do better in baby serious medical prediction.

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Common rectal thermometer types

If your baby is under 6 months old, taking a rectal thermometer for disease prediction is the only reliable measurement. There are mainly 3 types of rectal thermometers for daily life using, including digital thermometers, forehead thermometers and ear thermometers. Each of the rectal thermometer has their particular types for baby and kids in different age, now let`s these baby rectal thermometers a look.

*Digital thermometers

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Digital thermometers can test baby`s temperature within a minute or less. Parents should have their baby to held this type of cvs thermometer under-the-tongue or in the armpit, or inserted into the anus, which need parents to be more patient. To make the digital thermometers a full used, parents can have babies holding during their sleep with companion.

*Forehead thermometers

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Forehead thermometers are known as the most accurate and convenient one comparing these 3 types of rectal thermometers. Parent can take forehead thermometers to swipe across baby`s forehead to read the temperature shown in the major vein. Moreover, Forehead thermometer can be used for any kids over 6 months old for temperature testing STAT in an easy, fast and non-invasive way.

* Ear thermometers

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Ear thermometers also called as tympanic thermometers, which is more suitable for kids exactly or over 6 months old. These kind of rectal thermometers measure the temperature inside baby`s ear, which is safer and less radiation somehow.

Age Of; kid
Rectal thermometerOral thermo
Axillary thermoEar;thermometerTemporal artery
≦ 3 monthsok

4-5 year
≧ 5 year

Here is an chart of different types of thermometers for baby`s usage, which can be a guide for parents to decide and change the thermometers in time.

About the best thermometers for baby, please click the best forehead and ear thermometer for baby on amazon if you need. Moreover, in the category of Baby Care, we will show you more best products to guard and accompany with your baby!

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