How to Clean Bottle Warmer

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The Oregon Health and Science University recommends heating baby bottles using a bottle warming unit instead of a microwave oven can reduce the risk of burn injuries. Bottle warmer provides quick, even heating of liquid with none of the hot spots which generated by microwaved formula.


Bottle warmer helps busy moms and dads warm bottles fast and easily, and it is the perfect size for single bottles or food jars. But this device needs regular cleaning and maintenance to eliminate germs and make sure it will operate as you wanted.

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If you have purchased a bottle warmer which is easy to clean, then cleaning process will be hassle free and if the warmer has less parts then it becomes even easier.


You don’t need too many things to clean your the first years bottle warmer. The things needed are easily available in everyone’s home. So you don’t have to worry about the availability of the things required for cleaning.


The following things will be needed to clean a bottle warmer:


Mild detergent







1. Unplug the unit from the wall and allow it to cool completely before the cleaning process.


2. Remove the plastic cup, lid and pacifier basket from the base of the baby bottle warmer.


3. Place these plastic items into a bowl of warm, soapy water. Use a towel to clean each item, then rinse to remove the rest of soap and debris. Dry each item with your towel or let them to air dry.


4. Apply a small amount of liquid dish detergent to a damp sponge. Wipe the inside and outside of the bottle warmer base with your sponge. Wipe again with a clean sponge or towel to remove all moisture.


5. Pour 2 oz. of white vinegar into the bottle warming unit. Add 4 oz. cold water and allow the mixture to sit in the chamber for a few minutes to descale the unit. Empty the unit and rinse with water until all lime or mineral deposits have been removed.




This step by step instruction must have given you a fair idea regarding the ways which you will have to follow to clean the bottle warmer. Cleaning your bottle warmer is an easy and simple process. You can accomplish it simply and effectively if you carefully follow the instructions. You can maintain your baby’s feeding equipment in a nice, healthy and clean manner. This will make sure that you serve healthy and hygienic meals to your baby. Thus, your baby will remain healthy, happy and satisfied after a nice feeding experience and it will also give you great joy as a mother.

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