How to delete iDevice safari history

Author:Admin | TIME:October 10,2017

For many iDevice users like iPhone users, the features of iPhone history stored automatically makes things more easier especially in checking cookies and history in several website used. However,  it can give away your privacy even if make convenience for hackers. What`s more, it can also takes lots of your storage space that may cause your iPhone runs slow.  It is important and necessary to delete iPhone history regularly to make a better protection.


Method1. Delete internet history on iphone safari


You can delete Internet history on iPhone safari by selecting a period.

1. Go to Settings tab and find the "safari" app.

2. Open and tap "Clear History and Website Data” in the safari menu, tap the confirm if a new window show up.

3. Confirm and delete the history including the cookies and caches will be cleared.


Method2. Delete internet history on iphone with iOS data eraser


iOS Data Eraser focus on clear up different kind of histories on your iPhone including browser history, call history and messages. What`s momore, cFone iOS Data Eraser can delete all of them without leaving any trace.

1.Download, install and launch iOS Data Eraser on a computer, then connect your iDevice with it.

2. Choose "More Tools" then click "iOS Private Data Eraser".


3. Click "Start Scan" and wait


4. Check the "Safari Bookmark" and click the "Erase from the Device"


With the 2 methods above, you can delete internet history on iDevice permanently. To avoid the some of the internet traces will be left or deleted not thoroughly, we highly recommended you to take the professional iOS data eraser.


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