How to delete iPhone Wechat account

Author:Livia | TIME:October 18,2017

For many varieties of maybe reasons, you may no longer need to use some apps in your iPhone, such as the wechat or iChat. Just take Wechat as an example, some of my friends ask me what to do if they don`t need to use Wechat anymore. In this case, I often advice them to erase the Wechat app away to save the place of iPhone, and delete their Wechat account forever in order to protect their privacy.


Part1. How to delete Wechat account on iPhone?


Deleting Wechat account is not the same as delete Wechat app on iPhone with the easy pressing and moving. If you want to know how to delete Wechat app on iPhone, the article How to clear app cache on iPhone can be your referral. Here we wili point out how to delete Wechat account on iPhone forever with 3 important steps.


Step1. Delete all the Wechat history forever on your iPhone firstly.You need to download, install and lauch cFone iOS data eraser on your available Windows or Mac.

1. Connect your iPhone with an avaliable PC, then select iOS Private Data Eraser


2. Click “Scan” to begin to scan private data on your iPhone


3. Choose WeChat data, then hit “Erase Now” button. Confirm the deletion. This means your Wechat history won`t be recover once the process finished.



Step2. Move out third-party Wechat accessory services


Consider of that are there any e-commerce apps or payment processors which is associated with your Wechat. You need to ensure that you have deleted all private information on these wechat accessory services, too. For more insurances, you can also quit out and delete all these accessory apps away on your iPhone.


Step 3. Send an cancelation E-mail to WeChat.

This is the last steps to delete your Wechat account forever. E-mail Wechat support through Contact Us page about your willing of no longer use Wechat service, then they will delete your account.


Deleting an account is not simple as delete an app, just like how to delete instagram account, you also need to contact to the staff about your willing. Once they delete your Wechat account, you are not able to log in the Wechat with your original Wechat username and password forever.


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