How to disable password on iphone

Author:Alice | TIME:November 15,2017

Most iOS users will be well-aware of the fact that backup of their data with iTunes as and when they sync their phone or tablet with computer in iTunes takes place. Even though, some iOS users are of the opinion that iTunes is somewhat hard to use, most of them are also of the opinion that they cannot live without it, when they are in need of backup of data from their device. Besides this, iTunes also enables them to safeguard their data by providing a password to the backup. But, if an individual unfortunately forgets the password, it will be hard to access the backup files. Here comes the question as to whether it is possible to remove the iPhone backup password, such that the backup can be accessed without any difficulty whatsoever.


Disable the Passcode

Open the Settings app and select Passcode.



You will be asked to enter your code.



After entering your code, you will see the Turn Passcode Off option at the top of the window. Select this option and you will again be asked to enter your code.



After entering the code this one last time, the passcode function will now be disabled for the device. You will know the function has been disabled because the screen will now display the Turn Passcode On option. The next time the device goes to sleep mode, it can be awakened and used without entering a code.



Keep the Passcode But Lessen the Pain

If you like the added security of a code, but don’t like entering it every time you use the device, try changing the frequency in which a code is required. With the passcode function enabled, tap on Require Passcode. Here you will have the option of selecting when a code is required after a certain period of inactivity. Shorter times provide a higher level of security than longer times.



What If I Haven’t Setup My iPhone Yet?

If you haven’t setup your iPhone yet and wish to avoid setting a code on your device, there is an option to skip the code during the setup process. It is easy to overlook, so pay close attention when asked to enter a code.


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